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Working As A Freelancer

Looking to work as a freelancer? this article will show you the advantages and disadvantages from working from home.
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Too often, many low paid jobs and internships consist of struggling to get your breakthrough in the industry you're trying to work your way up to.

But what's even worse, most part-time jobs offered to students, for example, are completely irrelevant to your career plans, and often with poor working hours.

But don't worry, because there is hope ahead. With a bit of determination, you can become a paid freelancer where you can contribute articles, apps, animation videos, customer service or anything else in the world. The best part of all is that you don't actually need a whole lot of experience to get started.

The benefits are endless and not only that it'll look really good on your CV and it gives you the freedom to work from your own home when you have time for it, but with the right project, the salary can be quite good.

So now I won't pull it anymore. Here is the ultimate freelance guide for beginners.

Can you live by being a freelancer?

Most want to have the freedom to work from home, and even control their everyday lives. If you want to be a freelancer, then you can live by it, but it's not an easy way to become independent, where you earn some quick money. But if you choose to work hard every single day, and go the extra mile to make your customers happy, then within a few years you can live by being a freelancer, and the likelihood of getting an income that's bigger than out on the labor market is relatively large if you're good at what you do.

But you have to expect the first few years to get tough and you get some long working days with minimum sleep. But when the snowball begins to roll, it also goes strong. You may have to outsource something to your work to other business partners and freelancers, or hire part-time employees to take on some of your tasks. But as mentioned, it is hard work to live by being a freelancer, but you'll not regret it.

Advantages and disadvantages to work as a freelancer

The whole idea of ​​getting out of bed and starting to work from home sounds like a super easy task. But no one has ever said working from home and making money online should be easy and every advantage also has a disadvantage.


1) There is plenty of flexibility to work from home. You choose your own work time and have the opportunity to work in exactly the way you want.
2) When there are no rules, you can take continuous breaks and be with friends and family.
3) You can choose the tasks you want to do yourself. So if the job is too complicated and doesn't pay enough, then there's nothing wrong with rejecting it.
4) Freelancers have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world.
5) With a good reputation, the amount of money you can earn has no limit.


1) When you have to make financial statements yourself, and without a stable earnings, it can be hard to be a freelancer from time to time. 2) By being independent, it's you who decides. It requires a lot of discipline 3) Even if you have no boss who doesn't decide on you and control what you need, remember that you still have to look after your customers and avoid missing deadlines, otherwise you'll be left without customers. 4) You have to fight to get customers, and the best jobs have a lot of competition. 5) You get long working days. You often have to adhere to deadlines, and that also means you get some long working days, which can be hard if you need to get up early.

To avoid losing focus, I recommend you go out to a cafe and buy a coffee and take advantage of the fact that most places have free WiFi. You can also choose the public libraries as they are also super good places to work.

By changing your tasks into small chunks and making sure you get a lot of changes in the places you work during the day and week will ensure you're constantly creative and fresh.

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