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Work From Home Tricks

Read about the tricks that help you to work from your home, some few tips may support your success when you work as a freelancer.
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The number of flex and freelancers (home workers) is increasing. But how do you work most efficiently and ergonomically from home?

Working from home is effective if the contact between the office and the home worker is good, An expert in home work - who researched dozens of companies and the possibilities for employees to work from home said:

'It's important that employees can keep abreast of what is happening, but the chat at the coffee machine also remains important, specially for knowledge exchange.' he didn't recommend working more than two to three days at home.

Air and light

For those few home working days a week, the layout of the workplace is very important. A room with a large window is preferred. So you not only see what you're doing, but light is also good for the functioning of our brain and ensures fine learning achievements and moods. Opening the window every now and then certainly doesn't hurt either: research has shown that a fresh wind through the workspace does a lot of good for the health (who ever sat in a stuffy open-plan office can confirm this).

Calming plants

Beautiful green isn't ugly. Scientifically proven: plants work stress-reducing. A study by the VUmc in Amsterdam shows that looking at plants calms.
Did the plants get a nice spot? Then it's now time for the next step: creating a comfortable workplace.
"The angle of your knee and the angle of your thigh and your body should be 90 degrees. From that thought you have to build up your workplace."


'It's important that you can lean on the table with your arms. An adjustable chair and desk are desirable.' Because if you wear heels, the chair and the table must rise. 'Many people share their workplace. It would be very coincidental if the other person had the same dimensions, so it's nice if everything can be easily adjusted. '

Behind the desk it's important to change positions. "I recommend sitting straight down. That doesn't keep a person full. You become tired and start to bend down and that is the last thing we want. That only puts pressure on your lower back and neck. A person leans forward a little or forwards."

Walking the dog

Variety is the secret of the blacksmith, 'A sedentary profession isn't bad at all, if you only find ways to change your attitude from time to time.', 'Hanging the laundry or letting the dog out, means stretching the legs for a moment.' change every fifteen minutes of attitude and walk a bit every half hour. "Do you have to call a lot? Do this then."

The mouse

The location of the mouse is also crucial. 'Typically, most people have their arms in a triangle, with the two hands forming the highest point. Usually the mouse is to the right of the keyboard, but putting your arm in that direction is actually very unnatural.', it is wise to place the mouse right below the space bar, in the middle. 'Then you use your elbow as a pivot point. Not strictly necessary, but nice is an ergonomic mouse. It's slightly more vertical and therefore your arm stays in the right anatomical position.'

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