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What are the Best Work From Home Jobs

Have you ever considered making money as a freelancer and getting your own home as a workplace where you can work where you want and when you want to? we listed here best freelancing jobs to start.
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What can you work from home?

There are many possibilities for what you can do as a freelancer, and only your imagination sets limits. But I have chosen some of the "most used jobs" that you can take to work from home, where you have the greatest chance of success, and maybe even come to live on it.

1) Work as a seller

A job that's very much in demand is a freelancer seller. As a freelancer seller, your job is to make outreach sales for companies, and this often happens through the phone as a telephone salesman. There are countless companies out there who would like to have more customers, and either don't want to commit to hiring their own seller, or simply don't have the money in the company for it.

If you're a freelancer selling, then it's important that you can be proactive and even take your neck to ring out every day as it's hard work to do telemarketing. Often, a freelancer earns money by demanding an hourly wage or a 'no cure no pay', where they are only paid if they sell something.

Working from home as a seller is recommended if:

You're good at selling and may have experience selling over the phone. It's a great advantage if you're good at working independently, as it's hard at first. But once you get started and get to know your customers and their solutions, you can actually get really good at becoming a seller working from home.

2) Work as a copywriter and translator

This is probably one of the easiest types of freelance work out there to embark on. Specially if you're good at English and write at a reasonable pace.

Woking from home jobs in this field are varied. You may be asked if you want to write articles, entire e-books (where you allow someone else's name to appear on the front page), product descriptions for online stores or even facebook posting. Yes you read right. You can be paid to post on the social media for businesses.

You can even try to become a freelance journalist, and write articles for magazines and newspapers or other publishers. Just be aware that some of these, even the big names, will try to take advantage of your lack of experience and not pay you for your work. Ask them about their policy of freelance journalists before agreeing to work with them.

If you're good at another language, you can also make good money translating texts. It's far less competitive than many of the other projects, mainly because most of us don't have so many other languages.

Working from home as as a copywriter or translator is recommended if:

You're good at grammar and love to learn new things. It may be things like how much a camper weighs, or the best place to buy a washing machine in Jutland. (These are both tasks you can face)

3) Work as a graphic designer

Design is a bit harder to get started with. Not only do you have to own some software for the design work, but you also need the skills and imagination to use its full potential and meet the needs of your clients.

You may need to create a logo for a start-up company, animation videos, power point presentations or even work with advertisements that will be online or in newspapers and magazines.

Working from home as a graphic designer is recommended if:

You have always drawn a lot in school, and love to make graphic things. It's also quite important that you have good skills on a computer, because you need some software that you can do graphic work with.

4) Work as a Programmer and IT specialist

Programmers are the brains behind websites and apps that we all use today. They work with software that's well-made and easy to use for the typical customer, and who often requires you to write a lot of handwritten good to make it happen.

Combined with this, you can also offer yourself as a virtual IT supporter. The typical projects include helping people with websites make search engine optimization (SEO), making them more visible in search results. A common job is also to analyze and handle databases are also common jobs on freelancer pages.

Working from home as programmer or IT specialist is recommended if:

You understand how the internet works and appreciate good designs and you're good at brainstorming. Knowing which language you code in, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you also have a great advantage. You can learn most by taking online courses and watching videos on YouTube about it if it's something you'd like to learn more about.

5) Work as Customer service or virtual assistant

This type of freelance work has a lot of opportunities and not much competition. One of the things that are primarily the tasks of a freelance customer service representative and virtual assistant is to receive calls from corporate customers, book appointments, or by answering emails or regular customer service items. But if you're a virtual assistant then you can work from home in your hoodie and jogging clothes instead of clothes to impress a boss.

Working from home as customer service or virtual assistant is recommended if:

People believe that you're well-organized, which means that you're probably always prepared with the planning of birthday parties and remember all your appointments.

Work as a Freelancer!..like anything

You can become a freelancer as almost anything, assuming you're good at selling yourself.

If you're good at making a good impression and if you have some skills that you think other people will pay for doing for them, try to become a freelancer.
I don't lie if I say that virtually everyone has the potential to be a freelancer.

How Much Can I Earn From Home?

In the woking from home world there are two ways to get paid. Either you're paid an hourly wage, or you're paid an agreed fixed price.

Unfortunately, your competitors are everywhere in the world. And if they live somewhere in a development community where it is far cheaper to live, then it may be impossible to compete with their prices and still get your minimum wage.

If this applies to you and you not only compete in your local country, where there is less competition, then you have to prove that you are the best for the job, by making some good applications. In addition, before starting a freelance assignment, you also need to think about how long the task will take and what you would like to earn per hour.

If you have some rare skills, then there is probably a greater demand and then you can earn a higher hourly rate, but remember that you have to sell yourself. Just make sure you have realistic expectations for the money you can earn. Look for jobs on the larger freelancer pages to find out what you must realistically take in hourly wages or in fixed price for your tasks. You also have to remember to get your accounts from the start so you don't cheat yourself for a lot of deductions. Maybe you might need a bookkeeper who can keep track of your finances so you get all the deductions that you're entitled to. There are quite a few things to keep track of as a freelancer, and it's not certain that accounting and bookkeeping is what you're best in the world, specially when you want to go out and make money instead.

Warning: In return for helping you find work, freelance companies can take a share of your profits. Make sure you're aware of which commission you're paying and put it on top of what you take for the tasks themselves.

Never work with customers who want to pay next to the freelancer page (if you found them through). It makes it far easier to go out into the sunset without paying the bill and you can get deadly from applying for a new job on the freelancer pages because you're trying to avoid their fees as they earn their money.

5 of the best tips for writing a freelancer profile

To get a work from home job, you have to make applications for jobs that are available on the various freelancer pages or if you contact companies that you want to work with. On most freelancer pages, you have a profile where you can see the feedback and the reviews you have received from previous work.

There are several sections that you need to complete. It's incredibly important that you do it properly, specially if you're a professional writer, as in many ways this is the best '' application '' you can give to a potential customer.

1. Blow yourself

Unlike dating profiles, you're allowed to blow your mind on your freelancer page.

Don't be afraid to tell the names of those you've worked for before, and include withdrawals from their feedback. By showing that you have a lot of experience, encourage it to your potential customers to take you more seriously.

2. Get good feedback

Even if you write the world's best profile text, no one will notice you if you have a long history of 1 star and 2 star reviews. So start slowly and make every job perfect.

When you have done a task, ask for a review from them. If you can succeed in getting a lot of 5 star reviews at the beginning of your freelancer career, it'll be easier and easier to get a new job. The first few weeks are clearly the toughest.

3. Tell yourself

Just because you work from home, it doesn't mean you need to be impersonal.

If you're good at playing drums and have practiced as a pilot or a gold-winning swimmer, don't be afraid to come up with fun things and behave like a friend to your customers. The customers you find on the various freelancer pages can be quite selective and love a good personality.

4. Be verified.

It's a great idea to see if you can be verified and get some certificates that can show that you can actually find out your work. It may well be difficult when you don't meet most of your customers.

There are many freelancer sites, the possibility of getting the designation '' verified '' but otherwise you have to find some tests on the web that can support your skills.

5. Keep it short

At all these points above, try to keep your profile focused and go straight to the points. If a customer has 10 possible freelancers on hand, then they won't bother reading a 2000-word novel every single time.

Make sure you mention only the most important points, and be careful about what you put up with references in your portfolio.

And I actually lied too. There are 6 things that you must remember to get a perfect freelancer profile.

The last one is to check your grammar and spelling. Even the smallest spelling error can completely undermine everything you have made of profile text, specially if it's textual work you want to work with. It sounds quite obvious, but you're surprised at how many people don't choose to read proof of their profile texts.

Typical mistakes that freelancers make

You're almost ready to become a thoroughbred freelancer!

But before you do that, just pay attention to some of the things you need to do and not do if you want to get started as a freelancer:

Remember that you're responsible for tax returns, VAT and holiday pay.

The easiest way to avoid bad surprises is to set aside 50% of everything you earn, which should be able to cover things like VAT, holiday pay and tax at the end of the year. Then you can spend the rest on pay for yourself and then you're reasonably certain that your costs in relation to running a business are secured.

Beware of bad payers.

You should always use a freelancer page as an intermediary (or a payment method) where it's easier to ensure that you actually know exactly how much you earn when the job is done.

Don't make jobs that are illegal

It may sound quite obvious, but there are some jobs such as changing videos for porn sites, or writing erotic short stories thataren't always perfectly legal.

Never give free samples

Although you may think it's the right thing to do, specially if you're looking for your first job, many freelancer sites are forbidden to give free samples (probably because they risk missing some money). Instead, ask if you can be hired to do the test with all possible respect. It allows them to decide whether they will cooperate with you subsequently.

Had a good customer? Offer discount on additional work!

When you complete a project, offer a lot of discount. It can be 5 or 10% off if they hire you again within seven days. Customers love discounts, which means you get more money in the account without having to look for new customers. Because multiple websites offer a feedback system, always make sure the good customers leave a review as it'll help you build a reputation.

Ask if you can get your name on what you're doing

If you're looking to build a reputation, then some of your customers may allow your name to be on the work you have done. It can include e-books that you write, posters that you design or articles you write. It may be rare, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Just make sure it can be included in your portfolio.

Check out some of the useful tools out there for freelancers

Skype or dropbox may be necessary, specially if you need to communicate and share files with customers over a long distance. If you're serious about your freelancer job, then you may also want to check out a tool like Trello, where you can share how far you're with the various projects for your customers. There are also guard planning tools that are used, for example, as planning tools in associations.


If you want to be a freelancer and want to give up your full-time work, to get to work for yourself, then a life as a freelancer is a great opportunity for you. But when should you start? You must start today! The sooner you get started finding out what to do, and the sooner you get your first customer, the sooner you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money as a freelancer. It's only when you have started to learn properly that you get the most out of your life as a freelancer. Follow this guide, and you'll probably get off to a good start, to the beginning of a new life as a freelancer.

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