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Find out work from home our tips & advices in order to ensure successful career.
Work From Home Articles
Work From Home Articles

Best Practical Tips to Implement the New Way of Working

In the years that I have been involved in the development of organizations and especially with the implementation of The New Way of Working I learned a lot. Often the strategies I came up with went well. But I also had to adjust regularly. Sometimes things simply went differently than expected and provided new insights. Fortunately, that is also a success. Translating new insights into new behavior means that an organization develops and can become better.

The New Way to Work From Home

In order to be able working from home, the right facilities are essential. A well-adjusted desk and working PC are obvious here. But do not underestimate the importance of (digital) access to the required company data, so that you can work remotely with all the materials and data that are needed for this.

Tips and Tricks to Make Working From Home a Success

The number of flex and freelancers (home workers) is increasing. But how do you work most efficiently and ergonomically from home? Working from home is effective if the contact between the office and the home worker is good, An expert in home work - who researched dozens of companies and the possibilities for employees to work from home said: 'It is important that employees can keep abreast of what is happening, but the chat at the coffee machine also remains important, specially for knowledge exchange.' he didn't recommend working more than two to three days at home.

Work From Home and Make Extra Money

Working from home is actually the most normal thing in the world today. Some do it because it is the ideal solution for combining work and private life and others simply love to make money out of their desk undisturbed. Do you want to work from home, but are not sure whether this is for you? Then we will tell you below what the advantages and disadvantages are. Then we tell you on the basis of three important tips how to make the best money from home.

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