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Executive Assistant Work Experience Letter (#26069)

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Find executive assistant job experience letter & work certificate sample (ex. 26069), simple template format example helps with document writing. For navigating more related samples view executive assistant experience letters examples .

Executive Assistant Work Experience Letter (#26069)

Executive Assistant Work Experience Letter (#26069)

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that ...(employee title) ... (employee name) was working at ...(organization name) as executive assistant from ... (joining date) to ...(last working date).

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties, his responsibilities were to:

1) Provide administrative support to Board of Directors, Executive Leaders and Senior Management team including the preparation of board materials board/management meeting minutes

2) Responsible to schedule and coordinate executive meetings; cross-department meetings, company meetings and training sessions both on and offsite, oftentimes drafting and/or editing executive communications, agendas presentation materials, transcribing distributing minutes of meetings as needed

3) Responsible to manage maintain executives schedules, appointments travel arrangements

4) Responsible to process, review and approve expense reports for executives, administrative staff company committee expenditures

5) Responsible to receive interact with office visitors/customers/potential clients

6) Maintain structured records management procedures for hard and soft copy filings of client contracts, legal, due diligence corporate documents

We wish him/her all the best in his future

For ...

...(organization stamp)

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