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Machinist Experience Letter (#11471)

Machinist Experience Letter Template
This sample machinist experience letter shows how to build a work exp. certificate for an ex-employee using job duties and sort attributes such as date of message, employer info, and organization stamp.
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» Example for Machinist
Name of the person:______________
Address: ______________
Date: ________

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that ...[ employee title ] ... [ employee name ] was working at ...[ organization name ] as "machinist" from ... [ joining date ] to ...[ last working date ].

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties. His responsibilities were to:

1) Sets up and operates conventional, special-purpose, and numerical control Nc machines and machining centers to fabricate metallic and nonmetallic parts, and fits & assembles machined parts into complete units, applying knowledge of machine shop theory procedures, shop mathematics, machinability of materials, and layout techniques

2) Study blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, specifications, or sample part to define dimensions tolerances of finished workpiece, sequence of operations and setup requirements

3) Measure, marks and scribes dimensions reference points on material or workpiece as guides for subsequent machining [Lay-Out Worker machine shop 600.281-018]

4) Select, aligns, and secures holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials on machines, like mills, lathes, jig borers, grinders, and shapers

5) Calculate and sets controls to regulate machining factors, like speed, feed, coolant flow, and depth angle of cut, or enters commands to retrieve, input, or edit computerized machine control media

6) Start observes machine operation to detect malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining, and adjusts machine controls or control media as required

7) Verify conformance of finished workpiece to specifications, using precision measuring instruments

8) Sets up operates machine on trial run to verify accuracy of machine settings or programmed control data

9) Fits assembles parts into complete assembly, using jigs, fixtures, surface plate, surface table, handtools, and power tools

10) Verify dimensions alignment of assembly, using measuring instruments, like micrometers, height gauges, and gauge blocks

11) May install machined replacement parts in mechanisms, machines, and equipment, and test operation of unit to make sure functionality performance

12) May operate welding equipment to cut or weld parts

13) May develop specifications from general description draw sketch of part or product to be fabricated

14) May confer with engineers, production personnel, programmers, or others to resolve machining or assembly problems

15) May specialize in setting up and operating Nc machines and machining centers and be designated Numerical Control Machine Machinist machine shop ; or set up & operate Nc machines linked to automated storage, retrieval, and moving devices be designated Flexible Machining System Machinist machine shop .

We wish him/her all the best in his future

...[ Employer name ]
...[ Employer position ]
...[ Organization sign/stamp ]

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