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Firebrick And Refractory Tile Bricklayer Experience Letter

Firebrick And Refractory Tile Bricklayer Experience Letter Template
This sample firebrick and refractory tile bricklayer experience letter shows how to build a work exp. certificate for an ex-employee using job duties and sort attributes such as date of message, employer info, and organization stamp.
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» Example for Firebrick And Refractory Tile Bricklayer
Name of the person:______________
Address: ______________
Date: ________

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that ...[ employee title ] ... [ employee name ] was working at ...[ organization name ] as "firebrick and refractory tile bricklayer" from ... [ joining date ] to ...[ last working date ].

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties. His responsibilities were to:

1) Lays firebrick and refractory tile to build, rebuild, reline, or patch high-temperature or heating equipment, like boilers, ovens, furnaces, converters, cupolas, ladles, and soaking pits, according to job orders blueprints

2) Lays out work, using chalklines, plumb bobs, tapes, squares and levels

3) Calculate angles courses for building walls, arches, columns, corners and bottoms

4) Remove burned or damaged brick cleans surface of setting, using sledgehammer, pry bar, pneumatic chipping gun, scraper, and wire brush

5) Cuts brick to size, using brick hammer or powered abrasive saw

6) Spread fire-clay mortar over brick with trowel lays brick in place

7) Spread or sprays refractories over exposed bricks to protect bricks against deterioration by heat, using trowel or spray gun

8) Position or bends special frame or hanger over casings to lay arches

9) Cuts, notches, or drills openings to provide outlets, pyrometer mountings, brackets, and heating elements, using handtools

10) Patch or replaces firebrick linings of ladles furnace tap holes

11) Construct refractory forms for controlling quantity flow of molten materials from furnace to rolling machines

12) May replace bolts, brackets, and heating elements, repair coke oven doors, weld cracks or holes in shell, or perform other repairs

13) May pack insulation into shells frames to insulate heating equipment, like furnaces, boilers, and ovens

14) May be designated according to structure worked on as Bessemer-Bottom Maker steel and rel. ; Coke-Oven Mason steel and rel. ; Door Repairer steel and rel. ; Furnace Mason construction ; Lip-And-Gate Builder glass mfg. ; Open-Hearth Door-Liner steel & rel. ; Vessel Liner steel rel.

15) When specializing in repair and replacement of firebrick refractory tile in casings or linings of equipment, is designated Firebrick-And-Refractory Tile Repairer construction .

We wish him/her all the best in his future

...[ Employer name ]
...[ Employer position ]
...[ Organization sign/stamp ]

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