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Confectioner Experience Letter

Confectioner Experience Letter Template
This sample confectioner experience letter shows how to build a work exp. certificate for an ex-employee using job duties and sort attributes such as date of message, employer info, and organization stamp.
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» Example for Confectioner
Name of the person:______________
Address: ______________
Date: ________

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that ...[ employee title ] ... [ employee name ] was working at ...[ organization name ] as "confectioner" from ... [ joining date ] to ...[ last working date ].

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties. His responsibilities were to:

1) Mix cooks candy ingredients by following, modifying, or formulating recipes to produce product of specified flavor, texture, and color

2) Cook ingredients [Confectionery Cooker sugar conf. ] at specified temperatures in open-fire or steam-jacketed kettles or in batch or continuous pressure cookers

3) Cast candy by hand, using molds & funnel, or tends machine that casts candy in starch or rubber molds [Depositing-Machine Operator sugar conf. ]

4) Spread candy onto cooling heating slabs

5) Knead and machine-pulls candy [Candy Puller sugar conf. ]

6) Spin or rolls candy into strips ready for cutting [Spinner sugar conf. ]

7) Examine, feels, and tastes product to evaluate color, texture, and flavor

8) Adds ingredients or modifies cooking forming operations as needed

9) May direct Candy-Maker Helpers sugar conf.

10) May be designated according to type of candy produced as Caramel-Candy Maker sugar and conf. ; Coconut-Candy Maker sugar and conf. ; Fudge-Candy Maker sugar and conf. ; Hard-Candy Maker sugar & conf. ; Nougat-Candy Maker sugar & conf. ; Taffy-Candy Maker sugar conf. .

We wish him/her all the best in his future

...[ Employer name ]
...[ Employer position ]
...[ Organization sign/stamp ]

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