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Induction Brazer Job Experience Letter

Induction Brazer Job Experience Letter Template
This sample induction brazer job experience letter shows how to build a work exp. certificate for an ex-employee using job duties and sort attributes such as date of message, employer info, and organization stamp.
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Example for Induction Brazer
Name of the person:______________
Address: ______________
Date: ________

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that ...[ employee title ] ... [ employee name ] was working at ...[ organization name ] as "induction brazer" from ... [ joining date ] to ...[ last working date ].

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties. His responsibilities were to:

1) Sets up operates induction heating equipment to braze bond together metal components, according to blueprint, work order, or layout specifications

2) Position and clamps fixtures stops into machine, using square, rule and template

3) Select heating coil, or bends copper or alloy tubing or wire into coils, which outline joint to be brazed

4) Bolt or screws coil to electrode

5) Turn knobs to adjust electrical current for type thickness of metal, as computed from data charts

6) Place wire, strip, or preformed piece of brazing alloy over edges of components brushes flux along seams to be joined

7) Assemble positions workpieces into holding fixture

8) Start electric current in coils to heat workpiece melt alloy

9) Turn off current allows workpiece to cool, or directs stream of water or air onto workpiece, or turns handle to fill coil with water to cool workpiece

10) Remove workpiece, using tongs or tweezer, when brazed metal has solidified, as indicated by color

11) May connect holding fixture to electrode instead of using heating coil

12) May set timing control to shut off current automatically after specified period of time

13) May anneal finished workpiece to relieve internal stress [Annealer heat treating ]

14) May dip workpiece into chemical bath to remove impurities or flux

15) May bond workpieces together with soft solder be known as Solderer, Induction welding .

We wish him/her all the best in his future

...[ Employer name ]
...[ Employer position ]
...[ Organization sign/stamp ]

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