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Professional Resume Writing Services

Do you need professional and expert writers to get the help needed when submitting your resume and cover letter to employers? we can help you!.
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Why you should use our Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services?
  • Companies and recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening. While only few applicants are short listed for the interview.
  • This short listing is done on the basis of your resume. On an average a resume receives no more than 30 seconds initial consideration. So you only have few seconds to get someone look at it longer, it must quickly convey your career skills, capabilities, competence and "essence".
  • A Professional Resume must has the ability to grab the attention of the prospective HR/employer by its visual appeal, presentation, conciseness giving a quick highlights of achievements, knowledge and skills over the years.
Professional Resume Writing Services
What HR Professionals Look for in a Resume?

While career experts argue amongst themselves, human-resources professionals today agree on what constitutes a perfect competitive resume. Built according to rigid specifications, such a resume will contain:

  • an objective statement specifying a well-defined employment niche
  • an intelligent, concise summary of your best skills and attributes
  • an impressive list of accomplishments relevant to the position you seek
  • splendid educational and professional credentials
  • a solid, exemplary career history with few (but well-respected) employers
  • and a track record of loyalty and longevity, without inconsistencies or time gaps.

Of course, some HR professionals have different preferences. For example, one executive recruiter insists that his candidates omit objective statements, while a high-level insurance executive contends that he won't read a resume without one. In another case, an executive-level HR manager's resume doesn't list the year he graduated from college (revealing an insider's fear that disclosing his age could reduce his chances of earning an interview), even though many HR professionals demand well-documented employment and education dates.

How can we help?

We understand the difference between the scope of the resume & covering letter of a Thorough Professional and that of a beginner. Your resume should document how your presence had been valuable in leading the business up the corporate success.

Our Resumes are carefully crafted to have the best possible appeal to potential employers, rather than being a typed document summerizes basic information or a biography.

Why we are experts

  • Over thousands of Professional Resumes written.
  • Only Professional Resume Writers with proven track record.
  • Strong exposure across all business industries.

What you get from us

  • Step by Step professional guidance.
  • Dedicated Resume/Cover Letter Writer throughout the Process with Direct Contact through mails.
  • Resume/Cover Letter in MS Word or PDF doc.
  • Respect of your data privacy.
  • Highly competitive rates.


Our Price List Represents the best when its evaluated against the Time and Quality you'll receive.

Service Duration Price (USD)
Resume Writing 1 Week $180
Resume Update / Existing Client 1 Week $140
Cover Letter Writing 4 Days $50
Cover Letter / Existing Client 4 Days $40
LinkedIn Profile Creation 1 Week $120
LinkedIn Profile Update / Existing Client 1 Week $80

Once the document is prepared, you'll have 2 weeks' time to amend content on the documents. Amendments will be entertained twice within a span of 2 week post which the documents would be considered final.

For more questions please send contact us.

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