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Searching for a good professional profile writing services with a competitive price in the market? looking for experienced and expert writers to get the help needed for increasing your opportunities when submitting your resume and cover letter to employers? we are here to help you! our writers are your right choice!.

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Have a resume created / rewritten

Have you come across a dream vacancy and do you want to make an unforgettable impression with your resume? Does the application not go as you expect or do you know from recruiters that your resume is out of date and no longer up to date? Is your resume missing an exciting personal pitch? Is the text too long-winded or does your resume consist of too many pages? Then let us rewrite your resume and make the difference during the next application.

A good resume focused and written concretely will make the difference of being invited to a job interview. Get support from professional resume writers, it's our job and we know exactly what a resume needs to be able to apply more successfully.

Is your resume ready for a successful application?

More successful job applications, we are happy to help you with it

After receiving your resume and any additional information, we rewrite your resume into a targeted, powerful, professional and successful application document

Your resume is classified on the basis of relevance, so that all important issues immediately catch the eye

Let us know what qualities you have and make yourself interesting at a glance. We analyze your resume and supplement for you a new resume with the most striking skills

Your career will be edited and drawn up in an attractive and well-arranged manner. If necessary, the number of pages will be shortened

The layout is professionally designed using one of our distinctive resume templates

Delivery in Microsoft Word, so that you can make adjustments yourself later

We ensure that your resume gets more 'sales value', so that you come out as the best during your application. We do this by:

  • Stimulate and hold the reader's attention in a short time
  • Make the content concrete to reduce the risk of dropping out
  • Let you apply with more confidence
  • Achieve more success with job applications

When do you let us make your resume?

Creating a resume is a lot of precise work. In various situations it can be useful to have your resume made.

  • You have a busy job and not enough time to make a resume.
  • You don't have a resume yet, or you don't know which information to include on it.
  • You are considering a career switch, as a result of which your resume must be built up differently.
  • You have not had a job for a while and therefore a gap in your resume.

When do you let us optimize / rewrite your resume?

In various situations it can be useful to have your resume rewritten.

  • Your resume is very dated or old-fashioned.
  • Your resume is very standard, unclear and does not stand out.
  • The content on your resume must be arranged differently, for example by relevance.
  • The texts and content on your resume must be checked for grammar and spelling errors and rewritten into powerful and catchy texts.

How do we work?

Our professional copywriters can't wait to help you with a perfect resume. We proceed as follows:

  • You choose which service you want to use from the listed following form.
  • You will receive a response by email within one hour (on working days).
  • You send us the requested information.
  • We'll get started for you and within 48 hours you will receive your perfect resume from us.

Packages and Pricing List

Our price list represents the best when its evaluated against the time and quality you'll receive.

Service Duration Price (USD)
Resume Writing 1 Week $180
Resume Update / Existing Client 1 Week $140
Cover Letter Writing 4 Days $50
Cover Letter / Existing Client 4 Days $40
LinkedIn Profile Creation 1 Week $120
LinkedIn Profile Update / Existing Client 1 Week $80

Once the document is prepared, you'll have 2 weeks' time to amend content on the documents. Amendments will be entertained twice within a span of 2 week post which the documents would be considered final.

For inquiries, please contact us.

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