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Ocean Clam Boat Captain Experience Letters

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41) Boatswain Experience Letter
Supervises Able Seaman 911. 364-010 and Deckhand 911. 687-022 engaged in cleaning decks lifeboats, and chipping, scraping, wirebrushing, and painting decks, sides, and superstructure. Examines cargo-handling gear and lifesaving equipment & supervises crew enga...
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42) Derrick boat Runner Experience Letter
Supervises coordinates activities of crew operating derrick mounted on barge. Directs placing mooring of boat. Supervises crew in placing rigging & operating derrick to lift and move objects materials. Prepares progress personnel reports. Must possess license issued by U. S...
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43) Clamp jig Assembler Experience Letter
Assembles and clamps together wooden parts for such products as door frames furniture parts, using jig equipped with power clamping device. Places precut wooden parts in jig in specified sequence position and activates mechanism that clamps parts together. Releases clamp s...
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44) Cement boat and barge Loader Experience Letter
Tends pipeline system that conveys dry from storage silos to ships barges at plant loading dock. Screws flexible hose to dock pipeline and inserts secures hose to loading port of ship or barge. Ties lines to hose to support hose during loading operation. Turns handwhee...
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45) Aluminum Boats Assembler Experience Letter
Assembles aluminum boats, performing any combination of following tasks. Bends edges of precut hull bottom, using roller-bending device hammer. Positions hull sides along bottom clamps them in place. Drills holes through hull sides, using portable electric drill. Rivets hull...
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46) Boat Repairer Experience Letter
Repairs wooden and fiberglass boats according to blueprints and customer specifications, using handtools power tools. Confers with customer or supervisory personnel and reads blueprints to define repairs needed plan sequence of operations. Examines boat for defining location ex...
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47) Finisher Fiberglass Boat Parts Experience Letter
Grinds, repairs, and cleans molded fiberglass parts preparatory to assembly into boats, using handtools portable power tools. Attaches abrasive disk to grinder and grinds molded parts to remove excess fiberglass smooth edges. Checks flange of molded parts with thi...
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48) Warp Clamper Experience Letter
Removes replaces warp beams on looms, warpers, and slashers. Conveys full and empty beams to from machine, using handtruck. May place harness assembly attached to new warp yarn with corresponding ends left in loom to facilitate tying-in process. May work as member of team to mount...
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49) Boat Outfitting Supervisor Experience Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in outfitting installing engines in fiberglass boats. Trains and assists workers in performance of tasks, like installing engines outfitting boats with such fixtures as metal trim, seats and windshields. Insp...
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50) Boat Dispatcher Experience Letter
Coordinates movement of freight by barge or lighter to provide most efficient service to shippers consistent with available equipment facilities. Determines number and kind of barges lighters needed to transport cargo. Coordinates movement of vessels to make sure most efficient servi...
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