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31) Internal Affairs Commander Experience Letter
Directs activities of workers engaged in investigating accusations against police personnel, administering disciplinary actions and inspecting police personnel equipment. Directs investigative work of internal affairs personnel to gather information for presentation...
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32) Grinding And Spraying Supervisor Experience Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in rough surface grinding and spray painting structural ornamental metalwork articles. Reads work order specifications to define supply requirements coordinates interdepartmental work flow. Trains new wo...
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33) Internal grinding machine Hand Experience Letter
Sets up and operates internal grinding machines to grind internal cylindrical and tapered surfaces of rotating metal workpieces, like tool, die, and machine parts, usually for limited runs, analyzing blueprints and specifications selecting tooling according...
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34) Internal combustion engine Subassembler Experience Letter
Fits together mechanical parts at workbench or assembly floor to make subassemblies for internal combustion engines according to drawings or routing sheets, using handtools power tools. Places basic part of assembly, like carburetor, water pump, fuel pump, oil...
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35) Glass Cutting or grinding Production machine Tender Experience Letter
Tends automatic machines that cut, grind, or polish glass products, like glass tubes or glassware. Reads work orders to define product specifications. Loads product onto machine holding feeding devices and starts machine that cuts, grin...
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36) Grinding Operator Experience Letter
Tends machine that sands smooths sheets of composition cork to reduce thickness. Turns handwheel to adjust sander to attain specified thickness. Places sheet on feed bed of machine guides material through rollers to sanding mechanism. Depresses pedal to release pressure of rollers f...
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37) Grinding Supervisor Experience Letter
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in grinding metal objects to specifications, applying knowledge of metal properties, abrasives, and grinding procedures. Performs duties described under Supervisor Mas...
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38) Disc pad Grinding Machine Feeder Experience Letter
Feeds asbestos disk pads onto automatic feed platform of grinding machine that polishes pads. Strikes pads against one another to remove excess asbestos particles. Breaks flange from rims of pads by hand stacks pads onto automatic feed platform of grindin...
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39) Tool grinding machine Operator Experience Letter
Sets up and operates grinding machines, like surface and universal, carbide, drill, and tool-and-cutter grinders, to sharpen cutting tools to specifications, using blueprints, job orders, and knowledge of abrasives metal properties. Reviews blueprints...
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40) Gear grinding machine Operator Experience Letter
Sets up and operates one or more gear grinding machines to grind surfaces of splines or gear teeth, following machining instructions applying knowledge of gear grinding techniques. Reads blueprint or machining instructions to define fixtures and grinding wheel t...
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