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31) Salesperson Shoes Experience Letter
Fits sells shoes, boots, and other footwear. Ascertains style color of shoe customer wishes. Asks customer shoe size or measures customers foot, using measuring device. Obtains footwear of specified style, color, and size from stock. Helps customer try on shoes, observes q...
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32) Books Salesperson Experience Letter
Sells books in book or department store. Suggests selection of books, based on knowledge of current literature and familiarity with publishers catalogs book reviews. Arranges books on shelves racks according to type, author, or subject matter. Performs other duties as described und...
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33) Salesperson Burial Needs Experience Letter
Sells burial needs, like cemetery plots crypts, grave coverings, markers, and mausoleums. Contacts prospects at their homes in response to telephone inquiries, referrals from funeral homes and leads from obituary notices. May sell monuments similar memorials, either in...
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34) Salesperson Hearing Aids Experience Letter
Fits sells hearing amplification systems to individuals in retail establishment. Tests auditory system of hearing-impaired individuals, using test equipment and applying standardized evaluation procedures; or receives individuals referred by physician for fitting purchasing...
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35) Electric Motors Salesperson Experience Letter
Sells new and used fractional horsepower electric motors estimates costs of repairs in manufacturing, retail, or repair establishment. Determines malfunction of motors received for repair, using test equipment. Estimates repair cost, using pricelist for parts labor....
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36) Furniture Salesperson Experience Letter
Sells furniture bedding in furniture or department store. Suggests furniture size, period style, color, fabric and wood that will complement customers home other furnishings. Discusses quality of fabric & finish and type quality of construction with customer. May r...
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37) Salesperson Millinery Experience Letter
Displays, fits, and sells womens hats related accessories. Observes customers age, coloring, figure and shape of face selects hats for customers consideration. May manually adjust headband to alter hat size for customer. May also sell wigs other hairpieces [Salesperson, Wi...
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38) Retail Salesperson Experience Letter
Being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude, maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very di...
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39) Salesperson Automobiles Experience Letter
Sells new or used automobiles, trucks, and vans on premises of vehicle sales establishment. Explains features demonstrates operation of car in showroom or on road. Suggests optional equipment for customer to purchase. Computes quotes sales price, including tax, trade-in a...
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40) Salesperson Curtains And Draperies Experience Letter
Sells curtains, draperies, slipcovers, bedspreads, and yard goods from which these may be made. Displays samples of fabric and advises customer regarding color pattern of material or style that will complement furnishings in customers home. Selects size or num...
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