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11) Spring Bender Experience Letter
Sets up operates machine to form leaf-type spring leaves. Installs upper lower dies in machine, following leaf spring, using handtools. Positions heated leaf blank onto lower die, using tongs. Depresses pedal or pulls lever to force dies together, forming curved leaf. Immerses leaf in q...
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12) Wire Bender Experience Letter
Bends wire to form frames for mattress box-spring assemblies, using wire-bending jig. Positions bending pegs on jig table according to specifications tightens with wrench. Inserts one or more wires in holding device depresses pedal to drive bending arms around pegs to bend wire to require...
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13) Hand Tube Bender Experience Letter
Bends metal tubing around forming blocks, or between rollers of bending device to produce components for such products as refrigeration systems or electrical heating units. Marks tubing at point of bend or places end of tubing against stop of bending device. Bends tubing to specified...
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14) Bit Bender Experience Letter
Softens bends rubber or plastic smoking pipe bits, using either of following methods. 1 Places bits into machine drums that distribute bits onto conveyor that moves under ultraviolet lamps to soften bits. Bends softened bit, according to pipe style, using pliers. 2 Places bit in tube o...
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15) Hand Bender Experience Letter
Bends pliable wooden parts by hand after steaming. Places stock in vat of boiling water. Removes stock from vat when pliable places part in form. Presses stock around form clamps free end of stock to form. Places form containing stock on handtruck and transfers them to kiln to dry...
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16) Tank Hoop Bender Experience Letter
Operates hoop-bending machine to bend shape iron rods into hoops for wooden tanks. Loosens nut of adjusting block positions roller to obtain specified diameter of hoop. Starts machine & inserts end of rod through feed rollers of machine over bending roller. Strikes end of rod with wo...
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17) Tube Bender assembler Experience Letter
Fabricates and assembles tubing components for air, fuel, oil, hydraulic, and related systems of aircraft spacecraft, according to specifications, using handtools, power tools, machines, equipment, and measuring instruments. Reads work order, blueprints, sketche...
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18) Extrusion Bender Experience Letter
Cuts and bends aluminum extrusions into specified shapes for use as trim, fasteners, and bumper guards on fiberglass boats, using handtools portable power tools. Obtains precut extrusions from stock, or cuts extrusions to specified length, using hacksaw. Places blocks in...
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19) Bender Machine Experience Letter
Tends machine that folds blanks along scored lines to form boxes. Adjusts machine guides folders for specified size box. Feeds scored cornered box blanks into machine that f...
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20) Lead Bender Experience Letter
Tends variety of machines that form assemble electrical wire leads, performing any combination of following tasks. Reads work order to define information, like type and sequence of assembly color-coded wire to use. Places coil in vise or clamping device of machine depresses pedal or turn...
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