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Veneer Stock Grader Resume Samples

Looking for free veneer stock grader resume samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results.
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1) Veneer stock Grader Resume Sample
Veneer stock Grader Resume Template
Inspects veneer stock, used in making slat baskets wirebound boxes, and removes defective stock containing splits, knots, or other surface flaws. Sorts and stacks material on table or in bins according to size intended use. May distribute stock to assembl...
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2) Grader Operator Resume Sample
Operates tractor equipped with concave blade attached across front to gouge out, level, and distribute earth and to push trees and rocks from land preparatory to constructing roads buildings or planting crops, or in mining, quarrying, and lumbering operations. Fasten...
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3) Grader Resume Sample
Inspects sorts processed material, like hides, skins, or leather. Examines material for defects, like brand marks, cuts and scars and trims defects from material, using shears. Verifies thickness of material, using gauge. Sorts material according to qualities, like color, size, and thic...
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4) Raw Stock Machine Feeder Resume Sample
Feeds raw fiber stock into machines that loosen, shred, separate, clean, form nubs, or straighten fibers. Reads work ticket to define amount type of stock to be processed. Records amount of materials processed, during work shift. Places fibers on conveyor belt or into machine...
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5) Stock Chaser Resume Sample
Compiles and maintains material and parts inventory and status information to expedite movement of material & parts between production areas, according to predetermined production schedules order priorities. Reads production schedules, inventory reports and work orders to define...
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6) Form grader Operator Resume Sample
Operates machine equipped with adjustable, revolving cutterhead to cut trench for concrete road to specified grade. Aligns grader with stakes guidelines on ground. Lowers cutterhead aligns depth gauge marker with guideline to control depth of trench. Moves throttle to regulate sp...
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7) Stock transfer Technician Resume Sample
Records transfer of securities corrects problems related to transfer. Enters information, like type amount of securities that client wishes to purchase or sell, into computer terminal. Reviews client instructions for transfer of securities. Examines securities certificates t...
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8) Supervisor Open hearth Stockyard Resume Sample
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in stocking raw materials scrap used for open-hearth furnace charging operations. Directs workers in filling charging boxes with scrap, loading boxes on charging buggies low flatbed railroad car , weighi...
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9) Dressed Poultry Grader Resume Sample
Examines grades dressed poultry. Removes dressed poultry from conveyor and examines color of skin, feels poultry for presence of bruises, deformities and pin feathers and grades accordingly for quality size. Sorts poultry into specified containers according to grade. May wei...
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10) Transformer stock Clerk Resume Sample
Receives, stores, and issues transformers used in electric power system. Moves new transformers to storage space, using hoist. Drains oil from used transformers. Starts motor-driven pump which forces used oil through filtering machine into storage tank. Selects type size...
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