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Ti Resumes Samples

Find related ti job resumes samples, simple template format examples help with document writing. For related career job descriptions examples click here.

Ti Resumes Samples

Ti resume sample

Sample (resume #351) cv template & doc format.

Develops work measurement procedures and directs time-and-motion studies to promote efficient and economical utilization of personnel facilities. Directs or conducts observation and analysis of personnel work procedures to define time-and-motion requirements of job duties. Analyzes work study data & equipment specifications to establish time production standards. Applies mathematical analysis to define validity and reliability of sampling work study statistics. Applies princip...

ti resume template

Radiation monitor resume sample

Sample (resume #2867) cv template & doc format.

Monitors personnel, plant facilities, and work environment to detect radio-active contamination, using radiation detectors other instruments. Measures intensity identifies type of radiation in working areas, using devices, like beta-gamma survey meter, gamma-background monitor and alphabeta-gamma counter. Collects air samples for defining airborne concentration of radioactivity and collects & analyzes monitoring equipment worn by personnel, like film badges po...

Surveyor oil well directional resume sample

Sample (resume #275) cv template & doc format.

Measures sonar, electrical, or radioactive characteristics of earth formations in oil- or gas-well boreholes to evaluate productivity of oil- or gas-bearing reservoirs, using sonic, electronic, or nuclear measuring instruments. Signals Hoisting Engineer any industry to lower instruments into well, observing oscillograph meters on control panel to verify operating condition of instruments. Turns dials on control panel to adjust instrument for specified recording sta...

Combination presser resume sample

Sample (resume #5423) cv template & doc format.

Operates steam pressing machine [Presser, Machine any industry 363. 682-018] or uses hand iron [Presser, Hand any industry 363. 684-018] to press garments, like trousers, sweaters, and dresses, usually in small cleaning establishment. Presses silk garments [Silk Finisher laundry and rel. 363. 681-010] & wool garments [Wool Presser laundry rel. 363....

Superintendent communications resume sample

Sample (resume #2389) cv template & doc format.

Directs construction, operation, and maintenance of telephone or telegraph communication systems. Studies accepts or rejects recommendations for improvement or additions to communication facilities. Investigates availability approves cost estimates of new equipment requested. Approves or rejects equipment rental electric-power contracts. Supervises personnel performs other administrative duties to make sure efficient operation. May direct installation operation...

Instructor dramatic arts resume sample

Sample (resume #1358) cv template & doc format.

Teaches acting principles techniques to individuals or groups. Conducts readings to evaluate students talent. Adapts course of study & training methods to meet students need ability. Teaches enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects, using voice exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation. Discusses and demonstrates vocal body expression to teach acting styles, character development, and personality projection. Prod...

Sales representative toilet preparations resume sample

Sample (resume #4483) cv template & doc format.

Sells toilet preparations, like cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, bath oils, and facial and hair preparations, utilizing knowledge of promotion display techniques. Performs other duties as described under Sales Representative retail trade; Mas...

Editor dictionary resume sample

Sample (resume #1650) cv template & doc format.

Researches information about words that make up language and writes reviews definitions for publication in dictionary. Conducts or directs research to discover origin, spelling, syllabication, pronunciation, meaning and usage of words. Organizes research material writes dictionary definition. May study or conduct surveys to define factors, like frequency of use for a specific word, or word use by particular segment of population in order to select words for inclusion in...

Signal timer resume sample

Sample (resume #5675) cv template & doc format.

Reads records coded signals received in central station of electrical protective signaling system. Interprets coded audible or visible signals received on alarm signal board by direct wire or register tape from subscribers premises that indicate opening closing of protected premises, progress of security guard, unlawful intrusions, or fire. Reports irregular signals for corrective action. Reports alarms to police or fire department. Posts changes of subscriber opening closing schedul...

Illuminating engineer resume sample

Sample (resume #49) cv template & doc format.

Designs and directs installation of illuminating equipment systems for buildings, plants, streets, stadia, tunnels, and outdoor displays. Studies lighting requirements of client to define lighting equipment and arrangement of lamps that will provide optimum illumination with economy of installation operation. Designs lamps of required light intensity & output, light control reflectors lenses and lamp arrangement required to meet illuminating standar...

Installation worker resume sample

(resume #24299)

All installation, maintenance and repair workers not listed separately. All installation, maintenance, and repair workers not listed separ...

Germination worker resume sample

(resume #7595)

Tends equipment that controls temperature humidity in rotating drums or compartments in which barley is germinated to produce malt. Starts fans that force circulate moist, heated air into drums or compartments. Moves damper counterweights or lowers handle to adjust & obtain specified temperature humidity. Adds water to drum, using metered hose, or starts screw-type mixing machine equipped with water sprayer to make sure uniformity of germination. Removes sample of germinated ba...

Insulation packer resume sample

(resume #10516)

Tends machine that compresses stack of mineral wool insulation batts inserts them into bag cover. Starts machine compressing mechanism. Opens slides bag cover over form for filling. Pulls lever to operate discharge mechanism force stack into bag. Slides package onto table for...

Identifier horse resume sample

(resume #1762)

Verifies identification of horses at receiving barn of racetrack. Checks identifying features, like tattooed registration number on lip and physical appearance with official records photographs for making sure only horses scheduled to race are permitted in paddock. Releases identified horses to handlers for transfer to paddock for saddling. Notifies track officials when doubt exists as to horses identity. Records physical changes in horses, like weight increase or scar received...

Supervisor energy conservation representative resume sample

(resume #22907)

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in performing domestic-energy-consumption audits for customers of public br Confers with customers utility representatives to define customer needs, appointment times, availability of representatives and scheduling conflicts. Reschedules energy audits accordingly. Reads federal program guidelines, journals, and related reports to ascertain federal program requirements recent developments conc...

Information re resume sample

(resume #1244)

Designs information system to provide management or clients with specific data from computer storage, utilizing knowledge of electronic data processing principles, mathematics, and computer capabilities. Develops and designs methods & procedures for collecting, organizing, interpreting and classifying information for input into computer and retrieval of specific information from computer, utilizing knowledge of symbolic language optical or pattern recognition principl...

Patent button machine operator automatic resume sample

(resume #15402)

Tends machine that attaches buttons to articles of apparel, like work clothing caps. Places tack in holder on machine bed. Positions premarked article over tack on bed & positions button on garment over tack under machine ram. Depresses pedal that lowers ram, joining button t...

Transmission and protection engineer resume sample

(resume #100)

Plans lays out telephone transmitting facilities from engineering sketches. Advises assists operation forces on application of transmission methods, devices and standards affecting telephone equipment. Provides engineering services for protection of telephone service facilities from noise, cross-talk, electrolysis, lightning and other adverse electrical effects. Investigates causes of personal injury resulting from contact with high voltage com...

Commercial artist resume sample

(resume #1309)

Draws or paints illustrations for use by various media to explain or adorn printed or spoken word. Studies layouts, sketches of proposed illustrations and related materials to become familiar with assignment. Determines style, technique and medium best suited to produce desired effects conform with reproduction requirements, or receives specific instructions regarding these variables. Formulates concept and renders illustration detail from models, sketches,...

Satellite instruction facilitator resume sample

(resume #4410)

Monitors training programs transmitted by communication satellite from institution of higher learning to remote al institution or facility. Registers students for satellite communication courses and sells & distributes textbooks other classroom materials. Activates audiovisual receiver monitors classroom viewing of live or recorded courses transmitted by communication satellite. Stimulates classroom discussion immediately after broadcast, following standardized...

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