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Recruiter Resume Template

Sample Recruiter (Resume #100944) CV Template and Doc Format

interviews military and civilian personnel to recruit and inform individuals on matters concerning career opportunities, incentives, military rights benefits, and advantages of military career. assists and advises military comm...
CV / Resume Objective: Continue working - resuming my career - as recruiter in an environment where I can express my experience.

Senior HR Recruiter
Sample Senior HR Recruiter (Resume #14137) CV Template and Doc Format

fill the employment needs of the industrial office operations. interviewing job applicants; reviewing applications/resumes; evaluating applicant skills making recommendations regarding applicant qualifications. ultimately assure a...

Personnel Recruiter
Sample Personnel Recruiter (Resume #100947) CV Template and Doc Format

seeks out, interviews, screens, and recruits job applicants to fill existing company job openings. discusses personnel needs with department supervisors to prepare implement recruitment program. contacts colleges to arrange on...

Supervisor Blood donor Recruiters
Sample Supervisor Blood donor Recruiters (Resume #200503) CV Template and Doc Format

supervises coordinates activities of blood-donor recruiters engaged in soliciting blood donations from employees or members of companies, unions, and fraternal organizations. selects, trains and assigns bloo...

Blood donor Recruiters Supervisor
Sample Blood donor Recruiters Supervisor (Resume #200503) CV Template and Doc Format

supervises coordinates activities of blood-donor recruiters engaged in soliciting blood donations from employees or members of companies, unions, and fraternal organizations. selects, trains and assigns bloo...

Radiation Monitor
Sample Radiation Monitor (Resume #101462) CV Template and Doc Format

monitors personnel, plant facilities, and work environment to detect radio-active contamination, using radiation detectors other instruments. measures intensity identifies type of radiation in working areas, using devices, like...

Roof Bolters Mining
Sample Roof Bolters Mining (Resume #47506100) CV Template and Doc Format

being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, developing ones own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and...

Roaster Grain
Sample Roaster Grain (Resume #400506) CV Template and Doc Format

tends equipment that roasts whole or milled grain to specified color or hardness preparatory to processing into cereal. lights gas jets under drum or pan sets temperature regulator at specified setting. moves controls to transfer grain t...

Sample Ribber (Resume #400587) CV Template and Doc Format

cuts bones from standard cuts of meat, like chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks to prepare meat for packing and marketing, using knife meat hook. inserts knife in meat around bones to separate meat, fat, or tissue. pulls...

Recruit Instructor
Sample Recruit Instructor (Resume #201002) CV Template and Doc Format

instructs newly recruited military personnel, in accordance with training schedules orders. orients recruits in fundamentals of service life, discipline, physical fitness, pride and love of service country. trains recruits in close...

Rooter Operator
(Resume #405449)

tends machine that roots stitches prescribed quantity of hair onto doll head. places one or more cones of precurled synthetic hair at rear of machine. pulls single strand of hair from cone, threads needle and positions d...

Rubber Insulator
(Resume #405988)

lines interior of tanks, valves, pipes, and similar articles with rubber sheeting to prevent corrosion of vessel, and to minimize contamination, shock, ignition, or explosion hazards to contents. may inject compressed air in...

Raw Stock Machine Feeder
(Resume #403927)

feeds raw fiber stock into machines that loosen, shred, separate, clean, form nubs, or straighten fibers. reads work ticket to define amount type of stock to be processed. records amount of materials processed, during work shi...

Rewinder operator Helper
(Resume #404597)

assists slitting-machine operator i performing any combination of following tasks. positions roll of material, like cardboard, felt, metallic foil, paper, plastic, rubberized sheeting, or textile fabrics, at rear of machine...

Real Estate Lawyer
(Resume #100688)

specializes in sale transfer of real property. institutes title search to establish ownership. draws up documents, like deeds, mortgages and leases. may act as trustee of property hold funds for investment or issuance....

Ranger Aide
(Resume #200342)

assists park ranger 169. 167-042 or park superintendent 188. 167-062 in operation of state or national park, monument, historic site, or recreational area through performance of any combination of clerical other duties. greets visi...

Rotary head milling machine Set up Operator
(Resume #402676)

sets up and operates vertical milling machine with spindle mounted within larger rotary head so that rotating cutter can move anywhere within given circle to mill complex shapes, like arcs tangents, w...

Radio And Television Time Sales Representative
(Resume #200383)

contacts prospective customers to sell radio television time or captioning services for broadcasting station, network, or cable television franchise. calls on prospects presents outlines of various progra...

Railroad Equipment And Supplies Sales Representative
(Resume #200436)

sells railroad equipment supplies, like rolling stock, signaling or braking devices, or switches. performs duties as described under sales representative retail trade; master title. may arrange...

Rubber mill Tender
(Resume #401174)

tends rubber milling machine to mix, blend, knead, or refine scrap, crude, synthetic, or precompounded rubber for further processing. starts machine and turns valves on steam cold waterlines to regulate temperature of rolls. lays r...

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