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BI Data Analyst
(Resume #14096)

database design, security, and administration. write sql queries to create end-user reports perform data mining. develop sql queries & stored procedures in support of ongoing project work application support. create, test, and als...

Program Assistant
(Resume #962167014)

performs any combination of following or similar duties as directed by director, program 184. 167-030 or producer 159. 117-010 in rehearsal broadcast of television programs. distributes copies of script arranges for rehearsal...

Cephalometric Analyst
(Resume #100542)

traces head x rays illustrates cosmetic result of proposed orthodontic treatment. traces frontal lateral head x rays onto transparent paper, using template, compass, protractor and knowledge of cranial-facial skeletal structure....

Supply Chain Systems Analyst
(Resume #13983)

responsible for preparing, validating and publishingthe monthly performance reports on sharepoint, working closely with functional data owners, the analytics team and it to make sure accurate timely availability of...

Gas Analyst
(Resume #100281)

tests and analyzes samples of crude oil and petroleum products during processing stages, using laboratory apparatus, testing equipment, and following standard test procedures to define physical and chemical properties ensure p...

Program Manager
(Resume #157302)

direct phases of projects from inception through completion. responsible for schedule, the cost, technical performance quality of the assigned project. responsible for defining project scope, goals & deliverables that support project g...

Quality Analyst
(Resume #157021)

test new and existing software application functionally by using an automated testing tool. responsible to create execute sql queries to validate application / system functionality. reports defects using related utilities. work...

Risk Analyst
(Resume #14039)

develop, design and analyze portfolio trends assess the risk of those trends. support the implementation maintenance of portfolio monitoring reports. produce & analyze risk, operational, demographic other reports as necessary. gath...

Programmer analyst
(Resume #100291)

plans, develops, tests, and documents computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques computer systems. evaluates user request for new or modified program, like for financial or human resource management system,...

Business Analyst
(Resume #157042)

responsible to identify and define the business needs technical solution to fulfill the requirements. responsible to create, maintain and communicate requirements, conduct analysis, coordinate the design of solutions establish...

Computer Programmer
(Resume #100290)

converts data from project specifications and statements of problems procedures to create or modify computer programs. prepares, or receives from systems analyst profess. and kin. 030. 167-014, detailed workflow chart &...

Executive Education Program Coordinator
(Resume #15303)

serves as the main point of contact for executive education including inquiries from prospective students partners. coordinates the program system manage events and provide updates to executive education staff...

Research Analyst
(Resume #15451)

develop analytical plans appropriate for each project as assigned. carry out analyses as outlined in the analytical plans. participate in quality assurance qa processes to make sure that reported data is reliable accurate. prepare rep...

Core Analyst
(Resume #100267)

tests sand, shale, and other earth materials to define petroleum and mineral content physical characteristics. performs routine chemical or physical tests of earth samples in field or laboratory to define content of hydrocarb...

Program Consultant
(Resume #101411)

plans, organizes, and coordinates programs with agencies groups concerned with social problems of community. promotes coordinates activities of agencies, groups and individuals to meet identified needs. studies & assesses stre...

Securities Analyst
(Resume #100875)

analyzes financial information to forecast business, industry, and economic conditions, for use in making investment decisions. gathers and analyzes company financial statements, industry, regulatory & economic information plu...

Spectrographic Analyst
(Resume #100126)

conducts spectrographic examinations of metal mineral samples under established procedures, using spectrograph, spectrometer, densitometer, and other measuring instruments. analyzes densitometer or spectrometer readings to...

Investment Analyst
(Resume #100875)

analyzes financial information to forecast business, industry, and economic conditions, for use in making investment decisions. gathers and analyzes company financial statements, industry, regulatory & economic information plu...

Community Program Aide
(Resume #101422)

performs community contact work on simpler aspects of programs or cases and assists in providing services to clients and family members, under close and regular supervision tutorage of caseworker 195. 107-010 or case...

Program Checker
(Resume #200345)

monitors radio and television programs to detect contract violations with advertisers and program producers and violations of federal communications commission fcc regulations & to detect audio video irregularities. times pro...

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