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Police Officer Crime Prevention
(Resume #200957)

inspects dwellings and public buildings to evaluate security needs to recommend measures to make premises less vulnerable to crime, and installs burglar alarm systems. inspects locks, window barriers, alarms...

Printer Floor Covering
(Resume #403494)

tends machine that automatically prints colors designs on felt-base floor covering. places felt paper rolls on machine spindles, using chain hoist. installs specified printing blocks on presses, using handtools. pours specified...

Power reactor Operator
(Resume #952362022)

controls nuclear reactor that produces steam for generation of electric power coordinates operation of auxiliary equipment. adjusts controls, under supervision, to start and shut down reactor & to regulate flux level, reactor p...

Laborer General
(Resume #401698)

performs any combination of following tasks involved in production of paints varnishes. dumps calcined metallic pigments into hopper of automatic grinder to reduce pigments to powdered form. spreads layers of cinders & black ash over s...

Purchase price Analyst
(Resume #100904)

compiles and analyzes statistical data to define feasibility of buying products to establish price objectives for contract transactions. compiles information from periodicals, catalogs and other sources to keep informed...

Laborer Concrete mixing Plant
(Resume #402045)

performs any combination of following duties in concrete mixing plant. verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins by visual inspection and turns swivel head to direct aggregate into specified bin. tends electrically po...

Lead Refinery Supervisor
(Resume #400129)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in refining lead, casting it into ingots, and preparing ingots for shipment. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry mas...

Patent Attorney
(Resume #100686)

specializes in patent law. advises clients, like inventors, investors and manufacturers, concerning patentability of inventions, infringement of patents, validity of patents and similar items. prepares applications for patents presen...

Purchasing and fiscal Clerk
(Resume #200338)

compiles information records to prepare purchase orders for procurement of material for industrial firm, governmental agency, or other establishment. verifies nomenclature specifications of purchase requests. searches inven...

Panel Edge Sealer
(Resume #406134)

tends machine that automatically applies putty to side edges of plywood panels to seal crevices; seals crevices in end edges of panels, using putty gun. injects putty into crevices in end edges of panels stacked on handtruck, using p...

Local Superintendent
(Resume #952137018)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers located in small communities or rural areas, and engaged in installing, removing, or repairing electric meters service lines, repairing overhead distribution system, rea...

(Resume #860381034)

constructs and repairs wooden brick-and-tile molds patterns or constructs wooden forms for molding concrete mixtures in manufacture of concrete products, and performs general maintenance carpentry duties. lays out marks measur...

Public address Servicer
(Resume #823261010)

installs and repairs sound-amplifying systems used at public and private assemblages, using handtools electronic test meters. positions loudspeakers on posts or other supports. strings cable from loudspeakers to amplifi...

Pastry Helper
(Resume #200611)

assists pastry shop workers, performing any combination of following duties. carries and distributes supplies equipment. mixes, kneads and shapes dough or batter to make pies, cakes, cookies and other pastries....

Painter Mirror
(Resume #405845)

sprays heated paint onto silvered surface of glass to protect silver coating. starts conveyor that moves silvered glass through painting drying areas. starts pump that circulates hot water through hose to heat paint starts heating units...

Laboratory Tester
(Resume #100281)

tests and analyzes samples of crude oil and petroleum products during processing stages, using laboratory apparatus, testing equipment, and following standard test procedures to define physical and chemical properties en...

Pick pulling machine Operator
(Resume #404173)

tends machine that pulls false selvages waste filling floats from looped pile fabric. lifts roll of cloth into feeding position pins end of cloth to leader in machine. positions false selvage between feed rollers on each...

Photocopying machine Operator
(Resume #101546)

tends duplicating machine to reproduce handwritten or typewritten matter. places original copy on glass plate in machine. places blank paper on loading tray. sets control switch for number of copies. presses button to sta...

Precision lens Grinder
(Resume #405135)

sets up and operates grinding and polishing machines to make lenses, optical flats, and other precision optical elements for optical instruments ophthalmic goods, like telescopes, aerial cameras, military optical sy...

Patrol Officer
(Resume #200955)

patrols assigned beat on foot, on motorcycle, in patrol car, or on horseback to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbance of peace, and arrest violators. familiarizes self with beat with persons living in area. notes suspicious...

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