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21) Filtration plant Mechanic Resume Sample
Maintains and repairs machines and equipment used to process and distribute water for human consumption industrial use. Dismantles, or partially dismantles electric motors, turbines, pumps, hydraulic valves, chlorinators, limers, meters, gauges and other equipment,...
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22) Station Mechanic Helper Resume Sample
Assists Powerhouse Mechanic in maintaining repairing power-generating equipment. Lubricates automatic recording instruments, changes recording charts and refills ink containers. Removes instruments from panelboards for repairs and reinstalls them when repairs...
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23) Boilerhouse Mechanic Resume Sample
Maintains and repairs stationary steam boilers and boiler house auxiliaries, using handtools portable power tools. Cleans or directs other workers to clean boilers and auxiliary equipment, using scrapers, wire brush cleaning solvent. Inspects repairs boiler fittings, lik...
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24) Filling machine Set up Mechanic Resume Sample
Sets up filling sealing machines to pack potato chips in bags. Selects spouts according to size of bags being filled attaches spouts to circular conveyor of filling machine, using handtools. Adjusts height of conveyor that moves filled bags from spouts of circular conv...
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25) Automobile radiator Mechanic Resume Sample
Repairs cooling systems fuel tanks in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles. Pumps water or compressed air through radiator to test it for obstructions or leaks. Flushes radiator with cleaning compound to remove obstructions, like rust or mineral...
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26) Airframe and power plant mechanic Helper Resume Sample
Assists other workers engaged in servicing, repairing, and overhauling aircraft aircraft engines, performing any combination of following duties. Replaces batteries, filters and similar accessories, using mechanics handtools. Removes inspection plates, c...
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27) Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample
Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturers specifications, machinery and mechanical equipment, like engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment, using handtools...
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28) Test Equipment Mechanic Resume Sample
Plans, lays out, constructs, modifies, tests, and maintains laboratory test equipment and related structural assemblies used to test experimental aircraft and space vehicle parts assemblies, using precision instruments, handtools, power tools, and shop equipm...
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29) Mechanical shovel Operator Resume Sample
Operates power shovel that loads coal or rock into mine cars or onto conveyors in underground mines. Drives rubber-tired, crawled-tread, or rail-mounted machine into working place. Makes power connections starts machine. Moves levers to force shovel into pile, lift revolve...
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30) Automobile mechanic Assistant Resume Sample
Assists Automobile Mechanic 620. 261-010 in repairing automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles. Raises vehicle to specified level, using hydraulic jack. Removes & disassembles unit, like engine, transmission, or differential, to be repaired, usi...
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