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Gas Cylinder Inspector Resume Samples

Looking for free gas cylinder inspector resume samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results.
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1) Gas cylinder Inspector Resume Sample
Gas cylinder Inspector Resume Template
Inspects gas cylinders to detect surface defects tests elasticity of cylinder walls. Removes valve from cylinder, using wrench or valve-removal machine Inspects exterior interior of cylinder to detect dirt, rust scale, dents and arc burns. Fills cylinder with water, seals cyli...
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2) Gas appliance Servicer Resume Sample
Installs repairs gas meters, regulators, ranges, heaters, and refrigerators in customers establishment, using manometer, voltmeter, handtools, and pipe-threading tools. Measures, cuts and threads pipe and connects it to feeder line equipment or appliance, using rule...
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3) Seconds Inspector Resume Sample
Classifies cloth into grades according to number of defects. Examines cloth for defects marked in previous inspection determines whether corrections can be made to restore cloth to standard quality. Cuts defects from cloth with scissors or routes cloth to mending, dyeing, or refinis...
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4) Inspector Tool Resume Sample
Inspects, tests, and adjusts new and reworked tools, dies, gauges, jigs, and fixtures, for conformance to specifications, like dimensions, tolerances, and hardness, applying knowledge of tool and die design, shop mathematics, and machining testing procedures...
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5) Final Inspector Movement Assembly Resume Sample
Inspects completed watch and clock movements motors for defects, like surface blemishes, missing parts, and misalignment of parts, using loupe, watchmakers tools, and gauges. Winds activates movements to verify prescribed wheel motion. Examines movem...
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6) Inspector Cold Working Resume Sample
Inspects dimensions of cannon barrels before and after cold-working, following specifications using measuring instruments. Measures outside and inside diameter of barrel at specified points before & after cold working, using micrometer star gauge. Examines gun bore for...
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7) Steam and gas Turbine Assembler Resume Sample
Fits and assembles machined parts and castings to erect steam and gas turbines according to drawings specifications, using machine tools, power tools, handtools, and measuring instruments. Erects, levels and aligns vertical supports for bedplates of steam...
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8) Barrel Inspector Tight Resume Sample
Examines heads and staves of tight barrels or kegs, containing water compressed air, to define if they are liquid tight. Rolls tumbles barrel to spread water over interior of barrel. Examines barrel for faulty stave joints, leaks, loose or defective hoops and additionall...
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9) Inspector Aluminum Boat Resume Sample
Inspects aluminum boats canoes to detect leaks, using water-test tank. Lifts places boat in test tank with aid of other workers. Positions bow stern of boat under hydraulic ram. Presses lever to activate ram that pushes holds boat down in water of tank. Inspects rivets to dete...
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10) Demand Inspector Resume Sample
Surveys electrical equipment appliances used in industrial plants, commercial establishments, and private homes to compile data for purposes like forecasting power demands, establishing rates, and improving service. Examines fixtures, appliances and equipment and records...
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