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Looking for free framer job resumes samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results. We also advice you to read about how to Create a Word Resume and see our Resume Tips.
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1) Framer Resume

Framer Resume Template
Framer - Performs any combination of following duties to assemble mobile and modular homes or travel trailer coaches, following blueprints and verbal instructions, using handtools power tools. Positions precut frame members in jigs nails, rivets, or bolts members together to assemble wall, floo...

2) Picture Framer Resume

Picture framer - Frames pictures in custom-made or stock frames. Mounts picture on backing, using glue. Cuts mounted picture to fit frame, using papercutter or power saw. Cuts glass to fit frame, using glass-cutting tool. Cleans glass places it in upturned frame. Places picture on top of glass. Cuts pi...

3) Pole Framer Resume

Pole framer - Cuts notches for crossarms installs step sockets in telephone, telegraph, and electric-power transmission poles. Sights down pole to define straightest side so that poles will line up evenly when erected. Saws tip of pole to point with chain saw. Saws two parallel cuts at specified p...

4) Timber Framer Resume

Timber framer - Cuts, fits, installs, and repairs supporting timbers other framework in underground mine, using carpentry tools. Measures and cuts timbers for roof supports framing, like ladders, chutes, walls and ventilation doors, using handsaw or power saw, square and rule. Sets roof timbers...

5) Curtain Framer Resume

Curtain framer - Stretches and dries household articles, like blankets, curtains, and linen tablecloths that require special treatment to protect delicate fabrics retain desired measurements, using any of following methods. 1 Attaches article to projecting wires of adjustable stretcher pu...

6) Timber framer Helper Resume

Timber framer helper - Assists Timber Framer mine and quarry to cut erect supports in mine. Places and holds timbers, like posts, headers and cap-pieces in position for sawing notching. Saws, hews and nails timbers as directed, performing duties as described under Helper any in...

7) Handbag Framer Resume

Handbag framer - Attaches hinged metal frames to leather or fabric handbags. Spreads grooves in frame, using automatic opening device or pliers. Brushes cement into grooves. Trims edges corners of bag fabric, using scissors. Clamps frame in frame-tightening device, and pushes edges and corn...

8) Cloth Framer Resume

Cloth framer - Winds pile fabric onto frames reel to prevent crushing of pile during storage or shipment. Places frame on winding brackets of worktable. Turns frame by hand catches cloth selvages on hooks of frame, spacing cloth around frame in layers. Bolts precut wooden slats to outside of frame, u...

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