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Film Archivist Resume Samples

Looking for free film archivist resume samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results.
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1) Microfilm Processor Resume Sample
Microfilm Processor Resume Template
Tends machine that automatically processes microfilm examines processed film to make sure that quality of microfiche meets established standards. Loads film into magazine of camera under darkroom conditions, attaches magazine to camera and splices end of film to leader in machine...
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2) Film Touch up Inspector Resume Sample
Inspects repairs circuitry image on photoresist film separate film or film laminated to fiberglass boards used in manufacture of printed circuit boards Pcbs br Inspects film under magnifying glass for holes, breaks and bridges connections in photoresist circuit image. R...
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3) Film Sorter Resume Sample
Performs any combination of following tasks to prepare disseminate negatives, positives, and prints in laboratory. Reads instructions written on orders and examines contents of orders to ascertain size, type and number of pieces. Sorts orders according to size type processing requ...
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4) Film Laboratory Technician Resume Sample
Performs one or combination of following tasks to process film. Tends machine that automatically develops exposed film. Tends machine that dries film. Rewinds film by hand or tends machine that automatically inspects, cleans, counts footage, and rewinds reels of film....
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5) Film Masker Resume Sample
Examines photographic negatives for defects paints over defects preparatory to transferring images to sensitized zinc plates or copper rollers, using measuring instruments, brushes, and handtools. Spreads negatives over illuminated table marks register points on negatives, using stra...
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6) Film Machine Operator Resume Sample
Tends machine that develops sheets, strips, or continuous roll of film preparatory to printing. Pulls film through trapdoor into darkroom. Strips paper backing from film attaches identifying label. Feels edges of film to detect tears repairs film, using stapler. Reads work order...
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7) Film Technician Resume Sample
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in developing exposed black-and-white color motion picture film. Examines samples of developed film for defects, like scratches, cracks and contours. Directs workers to make machine adjustments to correct defects. Monito...
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8) Film Developer Resume Sample
Operates machine to develop still or motion-picture film. Pulls reel of motion-picture film or rack of film strips through trapdoor into darkroom. Examines film for defining type processing required, utilizing knowledge of film developing techniques. Feels edges of film to detect tears...
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9) Film Booker Resume Sample
Rents films and audio-visual equipment to individuals organizations, like schools, churches, clubs, and business firms. Views incoming films to familiarize self with content. Recommends films on specific subjects to show to designated group, utilizing knowledge of film content...
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10) Film Librarian Resume Sample
Plans audiovisual programs and administers of film other audiovisual materials. Assists patrons in selection of materials, utilizing knowledge of collections. Advises other personnel on audiovisual materials & appropriate selection for particular needs uses. Establishes as wel...
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