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Brimmer Resume Template

Sample Brimmer (Resume #402223) CV Template and Doc Format

tends machine that presses hat brims to smooth flatten brims. selects specified flange collar positions flange over hole in heated machine bed. inserts hat crown in hole with brim resting on flange. moves lever to lower machine press against...
CV / Resume Objective: Continue working - resuming my career - as brimmer in an environment where I can express my experience.

Barrel Maker
Sample Barrel Maker (Resume #406091) CV Template and Doc Format

assembles wooden barrel shells in raising stand. places staves inside truss hoop forming rings to form barrel shell. loops cable of windlass around top of barrel moves leg control to draw staves together. slips truss ring on top of barrel...

Branch Maker
Sample Branch Maker (Resume #862684010) CV Template and Doc Format

joins sections of unbaked sewer pipe at specified angles to form junctions, using jigs handtools. positions green pipe in cutting jig or places pattern or diagram on end of pipe section and cuts pipe to specified angle length or cuts hol...

Bender Machine
Sample Bender Machine (Resume #403336) CV Template and Doc Format

tends machine that folds blanks along scored lines to form boxes. adjusts machine guides folders for specified size box. feeds scored cornered box blanks into machine that f...

Sample Burnisher (Resume #402287) CV Template and Doc Format

tends machine that buffs hides to specified finish. turns setscrews to regulate distance between rollers, according to thickness of hide. inserts hide between rollers starts machine. holds half of hide while rollers buff surface of other hal...

News Wire photo Operator
Sample News Wire photo Operator (Resume #200271) CV Template and Doc Format

operates news wirephoto machine to transmit syndicated news photographs over telecommunication wires to newspapers magazines. inserts developed photographic print in camera chamber equipped with electric eye which scans transm...

Boner Meat
Sample Boner Meat (Resume #400587) CV Template and Doc Format

cuts bones from standard cuts of meat, like chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks to prepare meat for packing and marketing, using knife meat hook. inserts knife in meat around bones to separate meat, fat, or tissue. p...

Sample Blower (Resume #406193) CV Template and Doc Format

shapes gather gob of molten glass into glassware by blowing through blowpipe. receives blowpipe from gatherer 575. 684-026 examines gather on blowpipe for imperfections, utilizing knowledge of molten glass characteristics. blows through p...

Books Salesperson
Sample Books Salesperson (Resume #200469) CV Template and Doc Format

sells books in book or department store. suggests selection of books, based on knowledge of current literature and familiarity with publishers catalogs book reviews. arranges books on shelves racks according to type, author, or subj...

Baggage and mail Agent
Sample Baggage and mail Agent (Resume #910137010) CV Template and Doc Format

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in loading and unloading mail baggage. coordinates work schedules in accordance with train schedules for making sure that transfer of mail luggage is completed in...

Blood Bank Calendar control Clerk
(Resume #200293)

schedules dates for mobile blood collection units to visit blood-donor groups for nonprofit blood bank. determines available date to schedule mobile blood collection units to visit blood-donor group, like business or...

Bottom Turner
(Resume #403752)

tends machine that cuts circular basket bottoms from woodstock bores holes in bottoms. positions stock on rotary chuck. depresses pedal to activate machine that rotates woodstock in opposite direction from rotating drill & cylindrical sa...

Bonding Supervisor
(Resume #402356)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in bonding, stretching, and applying finishing solution to synthetic sewing threads to improve their sewing quality. observes production activities for making sure that work...

Battery Hand
(Resume #404038)

loads batteries or magazines of automatic looms with quills or bobbins of filling. conveys quills or bobbins of filling to loom, using handtruck and places them in battery or magazine of loom. draws loose ends of filling through guides w...

(Resume #406232)

grinds and polishes stone to smooth or lustrous finish, using portable grinding polishing tool. selects abrasive wheel according to type of stone, finish specified, or step in finishing process and attaches wheel to tool, using wrench....

Boatbuilder Wood
(Resume #860361010)

fabricates, repairs, or modifies wooden boats, life rafts, and pontoons, according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments. lays out full-scale outline of boat on mold-loft floor, using crayon,...

Barrel Inspector Tight
(Resume #406096)

examines heads and staves of tight barrels or kegs, containing water compressed air, to define if they are liquid tight. rolls tumbles barrel to spread water over interior of barrel. examines barrel for faulty stave joint...

Night clerk Auditor
(Resume #101608)

verifies and balances entries records of financial transactions reported by various hotel departments during day, using adding, bookkeeping, and calculating machines. may perform duties of hotel clerk hotel rest. 238...

Boat Outfitter
(Resume #806684146)

installs parts, like hatches, marine hardware, metal trim, seats, cabinets, and windshields on fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden boats, using handtools portable power tools. locates marks position of hardware, seats and other parts...

Bakeshop Cleaner
(Resume #200611)

assists pastry shop workers, performing any combination of following duties. carries and distributes supplies equipment. mixes, kneads and shapes dough or batter to make pies, cakes, cookies and other pastri...

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