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Armored Car Guard Resume Samples

Looking for free armored car guard resume samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results.
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1) Armored car Guard Resume Sample
Armored car Guard Resume Template
Guards armored car enroute to business establishments to pick up or deliver money valuables. Collects moneybags, receipts, daily guide sheet and schedule from Vault Worker br Guards money valuables in transit to prevent theft. Records information, like number of items received,...
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2) Mold car Operator Resume Sample
Operates pig machine to pour molten iron into molds to cast pig iron. Starts conveyor that positions mold under spout of pig-machine ladle. Moves controls to tilt ladle, allowing molten iron to flow into mold. Observes filling operation to detect sticking of molten iron to inside of...
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3) Guard Range Resume Sample
Patrols assigned area to prevent game law violations, investigate reports of damage to crops property by wildlife, and compile biological data. Travels through area by car, boat, airplane, horse and on foot to observe persons engaged in taking fish and game, for making sure method...
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4) Cargo Vessel Chief Steward stewardess Resume Sample
Supervises coordinates activities of personnel in stewards department aboard cargo vessel. Collaborates with Cook, Chief to plan menus. Requisitions & purchases expendable equipment and subsistence sundry stores. Receives, checks, and issues store...
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5) Letter Carrier Resume Sample
Sorts mail for delivery delivers mail on established route. Inserts mail into slots of mail rack to sort for delivery. Delivers mail to residences business establishments along route. Completes delivery forms, collects charges, and obtains signature on receipts for delivery of spe...
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6) Lounge car Attendant Resume Sample
Sells beverages, cakes, candies, cigarettes, and sandwiches to passengers in railroad passenger coaches. Walks down aisle of car, with basket or cart containing items for sale and calls out offerings. Serves items to passengers. Accepts money for items purchased returns cha...
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7) Child care Attendant Resume Sample
Cares for group of children housed in city, county, private, or other similar institution, under supervision of superintendent of home. Awakens children each morning ensures children are dressed, fed and ready for school or other activity. Gives instructions to children regardin...
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8) Streetcar Operator Resume Sample
Drives electric-powered streetcar to transport passengers, collects fares, and gives information to passengers. Drives streetcar in accordance with traffic regulations and observes traffic lights other vehicles on street to avoid accidents. Opens & closes doors and sta...
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9) Cargo Agent Resume Sample
Routes inbound outbound air freight shipments to their destinations. Takes telephone orders from customers and arranges for pickup of freight delivery to loading platform. Assembles cargo according to destination. Weighs items determines cost, using rate book. Itemizes charges, prepares...
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10) Supercargo Resume Sample
Plans and coordinates loading and unloading of ships cargo prepares reports on type, amount, and condition of cargo to protect company from claims for damage or shortage. Examines cargo lists to define types of cargo that can be loaded together. Prepares loading stowage plan t...
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