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Sample [resume #670] template & doc format

Conducts experiments or investigations in field-crop problems develops new methods of growing crops to secure more efficient production, higher yield, and improved quality. Plans and carries out breeding studies at experiment stations or farms to develop & improve varieties of field crops, like cotton, tobacco, or cereal with respect to characteristics, like yield, quality, adaptation to specific soils or climates and resistance to diseases and pests [Plant Breeder profe...

Target aircraft technician

Sample [resume #5656] template & doc format

Services, repairs, and overhauls drone target aircraft aircraft engines. Repairs, replaces and assembles parts, like wings, cowlings, stabilizers and propeller assembly, using power tools handtools to rebuild or replace airframe or airframe components. Replaces worn or damaged parts, like spark plugs, parachute and battery, using handtools. Tests aircraft engine operation. Places aircraft on launching device, including catapult launcher. Installs Jat...

Tax auditor

Sample [resume #1802] template & doc format

Audits financial records to define tax liability. Reviews information gathered from taxpayer, like material assets, income, surpluses, liabilities and expenditures to verify net worth or reported financial status identify potential tax issues. Analyzes issues for defining nature, scope and direction of investigation required. Develops and evaluates evidence of taxpayer finances to define tax liability, using knowledge of interest and discount, annuities, valuatio...


Sample [resume #18034] template & doc format

Molds plastic clay into such ware as vases, urns, saggers, and pitchers, as clay revolves on potters wheel. Positions ball of clay in center of potters wheel starts motor, or pumps treadle with foot to revolve wheel. Presses thumbs down into center of revolving clay to form hollow. Presses on inside and outside of emerging clay cylinder with hands and fingers, gradually raising and shaping clay to desired form size. Constantly adjusts speed of wheel to conform with changing t...

Alpine guide

Sample [resume #5349] template & doc format

Organizes conducts mountain-climbing expeditions for adventurers or tourists. Arranges for camping climbing equipment, transportation to site of ascent and services of medical or other personnel as needed. Selects ascent consistent with experience endurance of members of climbing party. Leads party to site of ascent during climb. Gives advice and instruction to climbing novices in accepted techniques use of equipment. May obtain permits to climb in restricted areas as well as...

Transmission and protection engineer

Sample [resume #100] template & doc format

Plans lays out telephone transmitting facilities from engineering sketches. Advises assists operation forces on application of transmission methods, devices and standards affecting telephone equipment. Provides engineering services for protection of telephone service facilities from noise, cross-talk, electrolysis, lightning and other adverse electrical effects. Investigates causes of personal injury resulting from contact with high voltage com...

Tugboat mate

Sample [resume #2843] template & doc format

Supervises coordinates activities of crew aboard tugboat. Inspects towing gear lifesaving equipment and orders crew to repair or replace defective equipment. Directs activities of crew engaged in rigging towlines to barges or ship to be towed. Supervises crew engaged in cleaning painting of boat. Stands watch during specified periods, and determines geographical position of boat upon request of Tugboat Captain , using loran azimuths of celestial bodies. Steers tugboat, upon...

Aquatic biologist

Sample [resume #697] template & doc format

Studies plants animals living in water, and environmental conditions affecting them. Investigates salinity, temperature, acidity, light, oxygen content and other physical conditions of water to define their relationship to aquatic life. Examines various types of water life, like plankton, worms, clams, mussels and snails. May specialize in study of salt water aquatic life and be designated Marine Biologist profess. and kin. ; or fresh water aquatic...

Tool and die supervisor

Sample [resume #11119] template & doc format

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in production and repair of metalworking dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and cutting tools, applying knowledge of machining and tool die construction. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...

Truck supervisor

Sample [resume #21201] template & doc format

Supervises and coordinates workers engaged in loading and transporting machinery and industrial equipment, like construction machinery, or field drilling & pumping equipment, tanks, vessels, compressors & pumps for chemical plants, refineries pipeline pump stations. Observes installation of old machinery and equipment or studies sizes & weights of new equipment from bills of lading and other specifications and plans procedures for dismantling loading equipment. T...

Atmospheric drier tender

[resume #8672]

Tends cabinet or room-type driers that heat liquids or slurries to remove water or other volatile liquid components. Shovels or dumps materials into pans places them on drier shelves, in racks, or on wheeled trucks that are pushed into drier. Observes thermometer humidity gauge, turns steam or fuel valves and moves controls to maintain temperature, humidity and air circulation in drier, according to specifications. Shuts down drier at end of dryi...

Tank builder

[resume #19952]

Erects metal tanks used to store crude oil at oil fields, utilizing knowledge of overall construction techniques using handtools. Directs helpers in grading area for tank base. Verifies grade, using spirit level. Bolts tank sections together and inserts felt or asbestos sealing strips between joints to assemble erect tank bottoms, sides, and covers, using wrenches. Bolts attachments, like ladders, pipe flanges, gauges, and valves, to tank, using wrenches. Directs hel...

Translation director

[resume #1670]

Directs and coordinates activities of Interpreters profess. and kin. and Translators profess. kin. engaged in translating spoken passages, documents, and other material from one language to another for business establishments, government agencies, and academic institutions. Studies material, using knowledge of language linguistics, to define best qualified personnel for specific projects. Assigns projects to personnel reviews work for quality. Attend...

Audiovisual production specialist

[resume #1731]

Plans and produces audio, visual, and audiovisual material for communication learning. Develops production ideas based on assignment or generates own ideas based on objectives personal interest. Conducts research or utilizes knowledge training for defining format, approach, content, level and medium which will be most effective, meet objectives and remain within budget. Plans develops, or directs assistants to develop, prepro...

Agricultural agent

[resume #1173]

Organizes and conducts cooperative extension program to advise and instruct farmers individuals engaged in agri-business in applications of agricultural research findings. Collects, analyzes and evaluates agricultural data; plans and develops techniques; & advises farmers to assist in solving problems, like crop rotation soil erosion. Delivers lectures & prepares articles concerning subjects, like farm management soil conservation. Demonstrates practical procedures u...

Tool profiling machine set up operator

[resume #11265]

Sets up operates various types of tracer-controlled profile milling machines to mill duplicates of template or model contour on metal workpieces, like cams, metalworking dies, aircraft parts, and automobile prototype parts, determining tooling according to knowledge of profiling procedures. Studies blueprint, dimensioned sketch, or layout on workpiece to visualize milling required plans sequence of operations. Lifts positions workpiece on machine bed ma...

Tower supervisor

[resume #8486]

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation of stills and related units, like absorbers, debutanizers, catalyst hoppers, reboilers, heat and vapor exchangers, desalters, clay towers, stabilizers, furnaces, strippers, and desulfurizers, in which crude oil & resultant distillates are processed to separate recover various petroleum products. Confers with laboratory personnel to plan production schedules to define temperatures, pressures, rates...

Truck driver sales route

[resume #4260]

Drives truck or automobile over established route to deliver sell products or render services, collects money from customers, and makes change. Drives truck to deliver such items as beer, soft drinks, bakery products, dry cleaning, laundry, specialty foods and medical supplies to customers home or place of business. Collects money from customers, makes change and records transactions on customer receipt. Writes customer order instructions. Records sales...

Tempering kiln tender

[resume #6474]

Assists Heat Treater I or Heat Treater Ii in annealing, hardening, or tempering metal objects by performing any combination of the following duties. Cleans foreign matter, like scale, rust, or grease, from metal objects, using solvents, wire brushes, scrapers, or hammer chisel. Hangs parts on racks, hooks, or fixture, or places them on handtrucks or conveyors and charges them into furnace manually or using hoist. Adjusts controls to maintain specified temp...

Automatic silk screen printer

[resume #13389]

Operates automatic screen-printing machine to print multicolor designs on s. Mounts screens in specified sequence on machine. Pours printing paste onto screens or fills automatic feed pan. Turns knob to set machine speed and adjusts swing and pressure of squeegees, using handtools, according to type of design cloth being printed. Starts machine conveyor belt that carries articles under screens. Inspects articles being printed to detect colors out of register...

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