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Acetylene Plant Technician Resume Samples

Looking for free acetylene plant technician resume samples that help you to create a template and write a cv/curriculum vitae document for submitting to recruiters? view the following results.
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1) Hydroelectric plant Maintainer Resume Sample
Hydroelectric plant Maintainer Resume Template
Performs grounds-keeping plant maintenance tasks in hydroelectric generating station. Turns handwheel to open alternate water intake to close clogged intake preparatory to cleaning water intake screens. Removes accumulated logs, weeds, fish, silt and driftw...
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2) Target Aircraft Technician Resume Sample
Services, repairs, and overhauls drone target aircraft aircraft engines. Repairs, replaces and assembles parts, like wings, cowlings, stabilizers and propeller assembly, using power tools handtools to rebuild or replace airframe or airframe components. Replaces worn...
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3) Stress Technician Resume Sample
Produces recordings of electromotive variations in action of heart muscle, using electrocardiograph, while patient walks on treadmill, under direction of physician, to provide data for diagnosis of heart ailments. Attaches electrodes to patients arms, legs and chest area, according...
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4) Laborer Concrete mixing Plant Resume Sample
Performs any combination of following duties in concrete mixing plant. Verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins by visual inspection and turns swivel head to direct aggregate into specified bin. Tends electrically powered conveyor or pneumatic pump to hoist cement f...
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5) Testing and regulating Technician Resume Sample
Tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. Operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and circuit deficiencies between stations [...
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6) Fishing tool Technician Oil Well Resume Sample
Analyzes conditions of unserviceable oil or gas wells and directs use of special well-fishing tools and techniques to recover lost equipment other obstacles from boreholes of wells. Confers with Superintendent, Drilling And Production petrol. and gas to ga...
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7) Supervisor Incinerator Plant Resume Sample
Supervises and coordinates activities of incinerator plant workers engaged in operation, maintenance, and repair of incinerator furnaces and auxiliary equipment, like grates, fans, compressors, temperature controls, overhead electric cranes, and ventilat...
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8) Superintendent Concrete mixing Plant Resume Sample
Manages ready-mix concrete plant. Determines work procedure and assigns duties to personnel concerned with mixing & dispatching of concrete and maintenance of plant equipment. Inspects personnel performance for quality quantity. Prepares reports on cost of...
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9) Stock transfer Technician Resume Sample
Records transfer of securities corrects problems related to transfer. Enters information, like type amount of securities that client wishes to purchase or sell, into computer terminal. Reviews client instructions for transfer of securities. Examines securities certificates t...
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10) Automatic equipment Technician Resume Sample
Analyzes problems and repairs manual and automatic telegraphic transmitting receiving apparatus, like teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment. Tests and adjusts equipment, using testing devices, like signal generators & ohmmet...
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