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41) Shuttle Veneering Supervisor Offer Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cutting fiber veneer strips gluing strips on wooden shuttles. Sets up operates shearing, shaping and surfacing machines. Performs duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...
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42) Drier Helper Offer Letter
Performs variety of manual duties in drying storing materials, as directed. Turns valves to fill sample bottles for laboratory testing. Inspects product through sight glasses at various stages of drying process to detect malfunctions. Inspects equipment piping for leaks or malfunctions....
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43) Jacker Feeder Offer Letter
Feeds logs onto conveyor that moves logs from pond to saw or barker deck. Stands on catwalk, flatboat, raft, or floating logs guides logs onto conveyor, using pike pole. Raises sunken logs, using hoist. May operate powered winch to raise sunken logs. May be designated according to work...
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44) Repairer Veneer Sheet Offer Letter
Repairs defects in decorative veneer sheets tapes veneer border to sheets. Holds veneer sheets against light examines sheets for defects, like splits, holes, thin spots and untaped veneer strips. Moistens tape, using sponge and presses tape to veneer splits to pull...
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45) Gin Feeder Offer Letter
Tends machine that fluffs and cleans new used materials, like cotton, kapok, and sisal used in pads, cushions, and mattresses, performing any combination of following tasks. Moves guide on machine to direct cleaned material into storage bins or garnett machine. Opens bales...
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46) Mixer machine Feeder Offer Letter
Assists Feed Mixer to prepare stock poultry feed. Dumps sacks of wheat, corn, or other ingredients into hopper of mixing machine. Stirs ingredients in hopper, using paddle to facilitate flow into mixer. Performs other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Titl...
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47) Core Feeder Offer Letter
Tends machine that spreads glue on both sides of precut veneer stock crossbands or core boards or particleboard before assembly into plywood or veneered panels. Turns valve on glue hopper above machine to fill troughs formed between application rollers doctor rolls. Turns handwheel, cra...
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48) Press Feeder Broomcorn Offer Letter
Feeds hydraulic press that bales broomcorn straw. Places broomcorn in compression chamber of hydraulic press. Aligns stalks of straw in chamber to make sure that straws are not broken when compressed. Signals Thresher, Broomcorn to bale broomc...
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49) Grading machine Feeder Offer Letter
Tends automatic-sorting machine that separates fruits, vegetables, shrimp, or pickles, according to sizes. Places baskets, tubs, or crates beneath discharge outlets of machine. Starts machine dumps boxes of fruit or vegetables in feed chute or opens supply chute to feed materia...
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50) Drier and evaporator Operator Offer Letter
Tends drum-flaking machine that solidifies converts chemical compounds into flakes preparatory to shipment or further processing. Pumps molten materials or concentrated solutions into feed pan of flaking machine. Moves rheostat & turns valves to regulate speed of revolvi...
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