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Veneer Drier Feeder Offer Letters

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21) Mill Feeder Offer Letter
Tends machine that mixes meat scraps, used in poultry feed, into uniform mixture. Starts machine opens slide gate in hopper to feed scraps into machine. Observes meter adjusts slide gates in feed hopper to regulate flow of material int...
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22) Dryer Feeder Offer Letter
Lays wet, freshly carroted pelts in trays on conveyor chain that carries pelts through heated drying chamber to prepare fur for manufacturing felt hats. May push handtrucks loaded with skins into drying room lay out skins on dry...
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23) Drier machine Hand Offer Letter
Tends equipment and machinery that converts viscous soap into flakes removes excess moisture from flakes. Turns valves to admit refrigerated water into rollers to chill them to specified temperature to harden soap. Opens valve to allow viscous soap to flow from crutcher mach...
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24) Machine Feeder Raw Stock Offer Letter
Feeds raw fiber stock into machines that loosen, shred, separate, clean, form nubs, or straighten fibers. Reads work ticket to define amount type of stock to be processed. Records amount of materials processed, during work shift. Places fibers on conveyor belt or into machine...
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25) Supervisor Shuttle Veneering Offer Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cutting fiber veneer strips gluing strips on wooden shuttles. Sets up operates shearing, shaping and surfacing machines. Performs duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...
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26) Sulfate Drier machine Operator Offer Letter
Tends equipment that cleans dries ammonium sulfate crystals. Pushes crystals from drain table into trough. Opens trough gate to discharge crystals into drier. Starts centrifuge to separate crystals of ammonium sulfate from acid tar. Washes remaining impurities from crys...
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27) Rag cutting machine Feeder Offer Letter
Feeds machine that cuts rags to size for cooking, bleaching, and defibering prior to making paper, roofing felt, or related products. Places rags on apron of machine pushes them into feeder roll or loads rags onto conveyor leading to machine. Examines cut rags for size...
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28) Curtain Drier Offer Letter
Stretches and dries household articles, like blankets, curtains, and linen tablecloths that require special treatment to protect delicate fabrics retain desired measurements, using any of following methods. 1 Attaches article to projecting wires of adjustable stretcher pus...
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29) Glass vial bending conveyor Feeder Offer Letter
Places glass vials for levels on endless belt conveyor that carries vials through gas heated oven to soften glass form curve required for centering level bubble. Removes filled box bundles vials, hole end up, in metal cups. Carries racked cups in tray to filling wor...
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30) Veneer lathe Operator Offer Letter
Sets up operates rotary lathe to cut veneer from logs. Selects and installs knives adjusts gears of knife-feeding mechanism according to specified thickness of veneer to be cut, using handtools. Signals Lathe Spotter 663. 686-022 to position log between chucks of lathe pushe...
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