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1) Vamp Creaser Offer Letter
Vamp Creaser Job Offer Letter Template
Vamp creaser - Tends crimping machine that creases shoe vamps part of shoe over instep by one of following methods. 1 Positions leather model of vamp on vamp to be creased places them under heated machine head. Depresses pedal to lower head & crimp vamp model against parallel walls. 2 Places asse...

2) Vamp and whole Offer Letter
Vamp and whole - Cuts upper shoe parts from leather or other material, using hand knife. Selects material cutting pattern according to specifications. Marks defects, like brands, cuts and scars, using chalk and cuts leather against grain to minimize stretch. Positions pattern...

3) Slitter creaser slotter Helper Offer Letter
Slitter creaser slotter helper - Feeds off bears machine that slots, scores, and creases corrugated or plain paperboard sheets to form container blanks. Aligns sheet against machine guides feeds sheet into machine feed rolls. Removes completed container blanks from machine stacks blanks onto skids...

4) Cover Creaser Offer Letter
Cover creaser - Tends machine that folds precemented edges of shoe parts, like insoles, platforms, quarters, and vamps to strengthen smooth edges. Positions part against guide and under presser foot folding finger, or between rollers of machine. Releases pedal that lowers presser foot, starts mac...

5) Joint Creaser Offer Letter
Joint creaser - Folds prefabricated bookcases separately made bindings over book bodies compresses assembled book in press to secure cases to bodies. Folds upper half of case over top sheet of book body; stretches case tight over back of book holds book in place on lower half of case. Presses case do...

6) Vamp strap Ironer Offer Letter
Vamp strap ironer - Creases turn-stitched seams of lined vamp strap. Pushes steel insert into open end of strap to hold seams flat. Moistens strap with sponge places strap on ironing bed. Depresses pedal to lower hot-iron plate iron strap. Releases pedal, removes strap from ironing bed, and withdr...

7) Vamper Offer Letter
Vamper - Operates stitching machine to perform specific function, like to reinforce shoe parts or attach buckles. Places specified spool of thread or prewound bobbin on spindle or in shuttle draws thread through guides, slots and needles. Aligns parts to be stitched, following seams, edges, or marking...

8) Creaser Offer Letter
Creaser - Tends machine that folds and presses parts, like collar bands, pockets, and pocket flaps, to shape prepare parts for sewing, using either of following methods. 1 Positions part in heated die on bed of machine. Depresses pedal to start machine that automatically lowers upper die...


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