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1) Tempering machine Operator Offer Letter
Tempering machine Operator Job Offer Letter Template
Tempering machine operator - Controls water-jacketed kettles or automatic equipment that tempers chocolate preparatory to molding or coating operations. Starts pumps to transfer specified quantity of chocolate from storage tanks or dumps block chocolate into tempering kettles. Observes thermometer & tu...

2) Laser beam color scanner Operator Offer Letter
Laser beam color scanner operator - Analyzes original copy material to be reproduced operates electronic scanner to produce color-separated positive or negative films for use in production of lithographic printing plates. Analyzes original copy to evaluate color density, gradation highlights, middle...

3) Pooling Operator Offer Letter
Pooling operator - Siphons human blood plasma into pooling bottles for processing or storage. Removes cap from donor bottle punctures stopper with needle. Connects vacuum pump to donor & pool bottles, using sterile glass rubber tubing. Opens vacuum valve to siphon plasma into pooling bottle. Draws off...

4) Picking belt Operator Offer Letter
Picking belt operator - Removes defective nuts foreign matter from bulk nut meats. Observes nut meats on conveyor belt and picks out broken, shriveled, or wormy nuts and foreign matter, like leaves rocks. Places defective nuts foreign matter into containers. May be designated according to kind of nut...

5) Electron beam Machine Welder Setter Offer Letter
Electron beam machine welder setter - Sets up electron-beam machine to join together metal components through emission of electrons in vacuum chamber onto workpiece, according to charts specifications. Turns knobs to set voltage speed according to specifications. Turns knobs to set focus of electron...

6) Knitting machine Operator Seamless Hosiery Offer Letter
Knitting machine operator seamless hosiery - Tends circular machines with automatic pattern controls that knit seamless hose. Places yarn spools on creel; threads starts machine. Observes operation of machines notifies Knitting-Machine Fixer 689. 260-026 of any malfunction. Removes knitted hose fro...

7) Fruit grader Operator Offer Letter
Fruit grader operator - Tends machine that grades fruit according to size. Changes chains other driving gear according to type of fruit. Directs workers engaged in loading of elevator belt removal of graded fruit. Cleans and lubricates chains, bearings, and machine gears, using rags grease...

8) Zinc plating machine Operator Offer Letter
Zinc plating machine operator - Tends machine that coats wire electrolytically with zinc to protect wire surface from corrosion. Mixes zinc solution according to specified formula turns valves to fill tank with solution. Threads wire through machine sets rheostat to regulate flow of current through sol...

9) Armored cable machine Operator Offer Letter
Armored cable machine operator - Tends battery of automatic winding machines that wind protective shield of yarn, wire or metal strip into flexible conduit or over insulated wire, like submarine underground cable. Starts winding machine and feeds insulated wire into machine threads protective wire or...

10) Radio Board Operator announcer Offer Letter
Radio board operator announcer - Announces radio television programs to audience. Memorizes script, reads, or ad-libs to identify station, introduce close shows and announce station breaks, commercials, or public service information. Cues worker to transmit program from network central station or othe...

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