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Looking for free sole dyer offer letters examples and templates that help to make and write employment proposals for offering to your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Sole Dyer Offer Letter
Sole Dyer Offer Letter Template
Tends machine that applies ink or stain to color edges of shoe soles or heels, by any of following methods. 1 Inserts and guides outsole or midsole between pressure roller ink-covered rollers of machine. 2 Depresses pedal that separates feed rollers; releases pedal that closes & starts...
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2) Channel Opener Outsoles Offer Letter
Tends machine that flares slit in preslit edge of shoe outsoles to form channel facilitate stitching of welt to outsole. Pushes guides edge of outsole against tapered revolving roller to f...
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3) Outsole Cutter Automatic Offer Letter
Sets up operates machine that automatically cuts outsoles for rubber footwear from slabs of uncured rubber or compressed cork. Bolts selected follower template on machine mounts cutting blade in traveler against follower, using handtools. Starts machine feeds slabs onto con...
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4) Yarn Dyer Offer Letter
Tends machines that bleach or dye skeins of yarn. Hangs yarn skeins over perforated rack. Turns valves to fill dye vats with water and turns knob to set temperature of water according to specifications. Pours chemical softeners liquid dyes into vats according to formula. Starts...
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5) Sole Stitcher Hand Offer Letter
Sews outsoles to custom-made shoe by hand. Attaches pig bristle to end of cord to make point that will enter awl holes easily. Waxes cord by drawing it through ball of wax. Marks guideline around welt of shoe. Softens sole with water-soaked sponge. Cuts groove, using grooving tool,...
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6) Outsole Or Insole Molder Offer Letter
Operates machine to mold outsoles or insoles to conform to shoe last at shank arch. Turns thumbscrews or moves lever along calibrated dial to adjust last size guides to specifications. Sponges grained surface of sole at arch to soften leather. Positions sole on die against gu...
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7) Sole Stainer Offer Letter
Applies ink or stain onto bottoms of leather outsoles and heels, using brush, sponge, or spray gun, to color bottoms prepare surface for polishing. May press shoe bottom against machine bristle rollers that remove excess stain impart prelimina...
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8) Injection Molder Outer Sole Offer Letter
Tends battery of combination lasting molding machines that mold rubber or plastic outsoles onto fabric, leather, or plastic uppers to make shoes. Positions upper over last with heel centered even margin of upper around last sole, pulls string in hem tight around sole of la...
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9) Conveyor Console Operator Offer Letter
Operates console to control automated conveyor system that receives, sorts, distributes, and conveys bulk or packaged materials or products to and from loading dock storage area, and between departments or processes. Reads production and delivery schedules...
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10) Insole Reinforcer Offer Letter
Tends machine that presses precemented canvas lining into channel area of insole trims lining. Positions insole between horizontal disks. Depresses pedal to cause disks to press lining into insole channel and to cause revolving blade to trim lining flush with insole edg...
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