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Molded Frames Assembler Offer Letters

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11) Assembler Deck And Hull Offer Letter
Joins deck and hull sections of fiberglass boats, using handtools portable power tools. Positions deck on hull seals seam with caulking compound, using caulking gun. Lays aluminum gunwale strip along deck & hull seam hammers it into place with mallet. Places drilling te...
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12) Control panel Assembler Offer Letter
Assembles electric-motor control units, like transmitters, relays, switches, voltage controls, and starters and mounts unit on panel according to drawings and specifications, using handtools power tools. Cleans parts, using liquid cleaner, airhose and cloth. Asse...
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13) Bench Assembler Electrical Offer Letter
Routes, wires, assembles, and installs electrical and electronic components in aircraft and missile units, like main junction and terminal boxes, main control switch panels, and instrument radio panels, according to specifications, using jig boards, handto...
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14) Assembler Dc Field Yoke Offer Letter
Assembles field poles and interpoles to steel housing ring yoke to build field rings for dc motors generators. Slips insulated coils over pole piece drives fiber spacing wedges between them. Bolts field poles & interpoles to inside face of yoke, adjusting airgap by me...
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15) Billet Assembler Offer Letter
Assembles uranium fuel elements for subsequent extrusion in atomic fuel plant. Reads production schedule to ascertain number and size of uranium fuel elements to be assembled percentage of uranium to be used in each fuel element. Places components, like copper & zirconium sleeves, u...
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16) Photographic Equipment Assembler Offer Letter
Assembles and adjusts photographic apparatus, like motion picture cameras, projectors, film developing machines, and microfilm equipment, according to blueprint specifications, using handtools portable power tools. Examines blueprints to define specificati...
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17) Assembler Wet Wash Offer Letter
Reassembles washed laundry according to lot number or individual customers bundles preparatory to subsequent processing, like tumbling, starching, or ironing. Compares pin number on nets of laundry to numbers on laundry ticket hangs nets in bins, or slides key-tag onto key-tag hold...
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18) Food tray Assembler Offer Letter
Prepares meal trays in commissary kitchen for inflight service of airlines, multiunit restaurant chains, industrial caterers, or educational, and similar institutions, performing any combination of following duties. Reads charts to define amount and kind of foods supplies to...
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19) Battery parts Assembler Offer Letter
Performs any combination of following tasks to complete assembly of storage batteries, according to specification. Threads positive negative battery plates onto separate connecting bolts, inserts washers between each plate to assemble grouped plates and attaches nuts to ends...
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20) Arranger assembler Offer Letter
Assembles decorative wall plaques by hand. Arranges flowers or other ornamental material, according to prepared design and glues parts on pasteboard, plastic, or wooden background. Places sheet of glass over design applies gummed tape around edges to hold glass in place. May assem...
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