Jockey Garbage Offer Letters

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1. Garbage collection Supervisor

Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in collecting garbage and other refuse transporting refuse to disposal plants or areas. Assign routes trucks to workers. Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mast...

2. Garbage Collector

Collect refuse on designated route within municipality dumps refuse from containers onto truck. May be designated according to refuse collected as Trash Collector br / May drive truck [Garbage Collector Driver ]. May start hoisting device that raises refuse bin attached to rea...

3. Garbage Collector Driver

Drive packer-type truck, dump truck, or truck equipped with hydraulic lifting device to collect garbage trash, and transports load to disposal area. Record mileage fuel con...

4. Jockey room Custodian

Ensure that Jockeys amuse. and rec. scheduled to ride are present in jockey room at racetrack and that their dress riding equipment meet track specifications. Notify Jockeys amuse. rec. when to dress. Inspect Jockeys amuse. rec. for specified colors silks , saddle...

5. Jockey Agent

Represent riders of race horses in negotiations with owners to arrange for riding engagements at racetrack. Contact riders to ascertain races dates they are available for hire. Confer with owners of horses scheduled to race to inform them of riders available. Negotiate with owners for r...

6. Jockey Valet

Attend to Jockey amuse. rec. at racetrack performing variety of services. Saddle horse inserts lead pads in saddle pockets to meet weight specifications for race. Place number on saddle to correspond with horses entry number in race. Read color assignment chart obtains specific colo...

7. Jockey

Ride racehorse at racetrack. Confer with training personnel to plan strategy for race, based on ability and peculiarities of own other horses in competition. Mount horse in paddock after weighing-in and rides horse to specified numbered stall of starting gate. Race from starting gate to fin...
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