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Brace Maker Apprentice Offer Letters

Looking for free brace maker apprentice offer letters examples and templates that help to make and write employment proposals for offering to your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Boilermaker Assembly And Erection Offer Letter
Boilermaker Assembly And Erection Offer Letter Template
Assembles, analyzes defects in, and repairs boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, and vats in field, following blueprints and using handtools and portable power tools equipment. Locates marks reference points for columns or plates on foundation, using m...
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2) Slat basket Maker Helper Machine Offer Letter
Assists Slat-Basket Maker, Machine in assembly of slat baskets. Positions preformed inside top hoop & basket bottom on basket-shaped form of machine and holds bottom until hoop bottom are stapled to staves. Removes assembled basket from machine twists loose...
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3) Gas check pad Maker Offer Letter
Makes gas-check pads of plastic wire screening to be used in breechblocks of bag-loading cannons. Mixes specified quantity of ingredients, like vaseline, powdered asbestos and graphite in agitator to form puttylike substance. Presses specified amount of mixture between dies in hy...
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4) Brass wind instrument Maker Offer Letter
Fabricates or alters brass-wind instrument parts, and assembles parts into completed instruments, ascertaining fabrication assembly procedures from standard or customers specifications. Reads specifications and makes calculations to define procedures for fabricating...
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5) Master pattern Maker Offer Letter
Prepares master pattern of shoe upper design cuts pattern into individual parts preparatory to making template. Pencils markings, like cone, back seam, or shank edge onto sized wooden last. Positions kraft paper on last trims paper along markings, using knife or scissors. Traces...
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6) Model and mold Maker Offer Letter
Forms plaster models from drawings or blueprints, and constructs molds from model to cast brick or tile products. Mixes water powder or catalytic compound and clay, according to specifications, to form plaster. Places plaster on worktable. Cuts, shapes, and finishes pl...
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7) Steel rule Die Maker Offer Letter
Constructs dies from plywood and steel rule, for use in paper cutting scoring machines, using blueprints, handtools, and machine tools. Lays out draws die design on plywood sheet, according to blueprint specifications, using such drafting tools as compasses, scribes,...
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8) Top hat body Maker Offer Letter
Builds top-hat bodies from shellacked muslin, shellacs assembled body, and irons top, crown, and brim. Wraps several layers of shellacked muslin around shaped hat block to form crown of hat. Cuts several layers of muslin to shape of brim, using knife, slides them over cro...
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9) Chain Maker Loom Control Offer Letter
Assembles pattern chains that control movement of harness frames shuttle boxes during weaving. Arranges rolls separator tubes on cross bars of links, according to pattern diagram and connects links, using handtools. May hammer or screw pegs in wooden patt...
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10) Mannequin mold Maker Offer Letter
Builds plaster or plastic molds of display models. Lays model on bench, packs clay around model to centerline of figure and greases exposed part of model. Prepares plaster of paris smears it on upper part of figure, shaping it to form base of mold. Applies reinforcing strips of...
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