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Adviser Offer Letter Template
Coordinate variety of activities for residents of boarding school, college fraternity or sorority house, care treatment institution, childrens home, or similar establishment. Order supplies determines need for maintenance, repairs and furnishings. Assign rooms, assists in planning recreatio...

County Adviser

Organize and conducts cooperative extension program to advise and instruct farmers individuals engaged in agri-business in applications of agricultural research findings. Collect, analyzes and evaluates agricultural data; plans and develops techniques; & advises farmers to...

Foreign student Adviser

Assist foreign students in making academic, personal-social, and environmental adjustment to campus community life. Evaluate students qualifications in light of admission requirements makes recommendations relative to admission. Develop maintains case histories, noting la...

Private branch exchange Service Adviser

Conduct training classes in operation of switchboard teletype equipment. Explain mechanical construction and operation of switchboards & demonstrates procedures for receiving and completing incoming interoffice calls. Observe operators handling calls r...

Feed And Farm Management Adviser

Instruct farmers and retail grain and feed-store customers in modern and scientific feed farm management techniques. Discuss feeding problems for fowl, swine, cattle and other livestock with farmers. Examine poultry or livestock & recommends medication and...

District Adviser

Administer voluntary youth serving organization program in geographic area within region. Confer with individuals, groups and committees to implement and extend organizations program service. Interpret organization program, policies and practices to community. Advise and works w...

Student activities Adviser

Plan and arranges social, cultural, and recreational activities of various student groups, according to university policies regulations. Meet with student faculty groups to plan activities. Evaluate programs suggests modifications. Schedule events to prevent overlapp...
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