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Welder Tool Die Job Descriptions

Looking for welder tool die job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Plaster die Maker Job Description
Casts plaster dies for hydraulic ram press that forms pottery ware. Places wire mesh over die face of master model presses or taps mesh with wooden mallet to contour of model. Wires nonmetallic conduit to wire mesh. Removes wire mesh assembly sponges soap solution on model surface t...
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2) Consultant Dietitian Job Description
Advises and assists personnel in public and private establishments, like hospitals, health-related facilities, child-care centers, and schools, in food service systems nutritional care of clients. Evaluates monitors all aspects of food service operation, making recom...
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3) Internal Grinder Tool Job Description
Sets up and operates internal grinding machines to grind internal cylindrical and tapered surfaces of rotating metal workpieces, like tool, die, and machine parts, usually for limited runs, analyzing blueprints and specifications selecting tooling according to knowl...
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4) Steel die Printer Job Description
Operates printing press to print embossed forms, like business cards, letterheads, and announcements, from engraved steel plates. Positions plate in plateholder builds up space beneath plate with cut pieces of fabric material to make slight crimp of printed areas. Sets paper gu...
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5) Machine Tool Setters Operator Job Description
Being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, creativity and alternative thinking to develop ne...
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6) Primer charging Tool Setter Job Description
Sets up charging, varnishing, foiling tamping , and shaker machines, and assembly presses, used in charging assembling primers for small arms ammunition. Removes, replaces and adjusts such tools as punches, punch blocks, pins, dies and die blocks, using handto...
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7) Dietary Assistant Job Description
Supervises and coordinates activities of food preparation, kitchen, pantry, and storeroom personnel and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs kitchen supplies. Plans or participates in planning menus, preparing and apportioning foods and utilizing food surpluses leftov...
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8) Plastic Tool Maker Job Description
Molds assembles plastic tools, like gauges, jigs, templates, and fixtures, following blueprints. Spreads layers of glass cloth on molds or forms brushes each layer with plastic to build plastic tool following configuration of mold. Pries cured plastic tool from mold with pryin...
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9) Production Line Welder Job Description
Welds metal parts on production line, using previously set up gas- or arc- equipment. Turns valves to release fuel gas and oxygen ignites mixture, or inserts specified weld rod into portable holder, clamps cable onto workpiece or jig and strikes arc. Guides electrodes, or tor...
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10) Die cast die Maker Job Description
Lays out, machines, fits, assembles, and finishes metal parts to make and repair dies for diecasting of metal products and metal molds for injection or compression molding of plastic or glass products, analyzing specifications, and applying knowledge of die and mo...
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