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Warp Yarn Sorter Job Descriptions

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41) Heel Sorter Job Description
Sorts grades leather heels. Sorts right left heels into groups. Examines groups for defects, like nicks, scars, brittleness and texture, to grade heels. Records information on grading sheet. Places heels in containers for discard, reprocessing, shipment, o...
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42) Tire Sorter Job Description
Sorts cured and uncured tires according to size type as indicated by identification number on tire. Compares number on tire numbers on pallets, conveyors, hand or rock trucks leading to further processing, like curing, finishing, buffing, or testing and places tire on conveyance....
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43) Sorter Job Description
Sorts rubber footwear according to style, size, and width. Picks footwear from container, identifies style and locates size width numbers for sorting. Mates pairs , counts, tags and places pairs of footwear on conveyor or in racks or packing boxes. Records quantities of sor...
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44) Drying machine Operator Package Yarns Job Description
Tends machines that dry packages of dyed or bleached yarn by any of following methods. 1 Removes yarn packages from yarn stand places them on drying-oven rack. Sets temperature control gauges according to specifications pushes rack of yarn into drying oven. 2...
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45) Ball warper Tender Job Description
Tends warping machine that gathers winds strands of yarn in rope form into ball form preparatory to mercerizing, dyeing, or bleaching. Pieces up ends from supply package to leader to thread machine. Sets yardage counter to record amount of yarn wound starts machine. Inserts ties le...
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46) Briar wood Sorter Job Description
Sorts briar-wood blocks used in making pipe stummels, using metal gauge. Removes briar-wood block from bin compares block with metal gauge to define size classification of block. Tosses block into specified burlap bag, according to shape dimensions of block. Discards scrap briar-woo...
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47) Worm Sorter Job Description
Packs earthworms into containers according to size. Scoops growth media specified number of worms of designated sizes into containers and date stamps containers for delivery to sales outlet. May dry worms under heat lamps and grind package worms for sale as tropical fish foo...
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48) Wool Sorter Job Description
Sorts grades wool according to length of fiber, color, and degree of fineness, utilizing sight, touch, experience, and established specifications. Shakes or spreads fleece over screen-topped table to remove dust. Picks out foreign matter, like burrs, sticks, strings and addition...
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49) Fish liver Sorter Job Description
Sorts fish livers, according to species of fish size, shape, color, and texture of liver. Cuts liver from viscera, using knife and places liver in specified tub. Discards diseased, spoiled and poor quality livers. May clean and fillet fish [Fish Cleaner ca...
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50) Garment Sorter Job Description
Sorts finished s, like shirts, dresses, and pajamas, according to lot and size numbers recorded on tags labels attached to s. May fold and package s in boxes bags. May iron s prior to folding [Presser, Hand any industry ]. May be designated according to sorted as Shirt S...
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