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Warp Yarn Sorter Job Descriptions

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31) Assorter Laundry Job Description
Sorts laundry into lots, like flatwork, starchwork, and colored articles prior to washing or ironing. Places sorted articles in bins, nets, or baskets, or onto conveyor belt. May weigh flatwork record weight on laundry ticket. May affix customers identification mark on articles...
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32) Yarn Winder Job Description
Tends machine that winds strands of yarn from bobbins, cakes, pirns, and other yarn packages into packages specified for further processing, shipment, or storage. Places supply packages on spindles or holders. Threads ends of yarn from each package through guides & tension device att...
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33) Filling Sorter And Hauler Job Description
Sorts yarn according to type, size, weight, color, blend, and quality for storage or distribution to other departments. May doff winding machines. May convey yarn to storage or other departments, using...
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34) Yarn Cleaner Job Description
Examines packages or pirns of wound yarn for defects, like bruises, cuts, tangles, or soil removes defective yarn to salvage usable yarn, using one of following methods. 1 Pulls yarn from package by hand. 2 Places yarn in holder and inserts yarn end in nozzle of vacuum...
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35) Elastic yarn Twister Job Description
Tends covering machine that twists one or more strands of yarn around rubber or synthetic yarn cores to produce elastic yarn. Threads narrow strip ribbon of rubber through feed rollers splitting mechanism, or separates partially cut strands of rubber, or places cones of core ya...
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36) Inspector And Sorter Job Description
Inspects sorts processed material, like hides, skins, or leather. Examines material for defects, like brand marks, cuts and scars and trims defects from material, using shears. Verifies thickness of material, using gauge. Sorts material according to qualities, like color, size,...
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37) Fur Sorter Job Description
Assorts fur skins into single-garment bundles according to shading, size, pattern, and density of fur. Compares pelts with sample pelt of each grade, stroking fur to feel its density, to see undercolor and to judge height of hair. Selects those pelts that match or blend & have same t...
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38) Hay Sorter Job Description
Removes foreign matter from hay, packs it in trough, and pushes it toward machine that bundles ties it into disk form for use as archery target. Removes target fro...
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39) Skein yarn dyer Helper Job Description
Assists Skein-Yarn Dyer in bleaching or dyeing skeins of yarn. Hangs yarn skeins over perforated racks of portable cabinet. Loads yarn into machine, using chain hoist. Removes dyed yarn from machine. Performs other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title...
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40) Casing Sorter Job Description
Inspects grades animal casings used as sausage skins. Removes casings from soaking tank. Cleans inflates casing, using air or water hose. Places inflated casing between grading pegs to define size. Squeezes casing to detect changes in circumference, damaged sections, or slime. Cuts out...
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