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Separator Job Descriptions

Looking for separator job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Separator Job Description
Operates conveyor system in sawmill to route lumber, cants, and timber to processing operations according to size, grade, and specie, or type of processing required. Raises and lowers cross chains by moving levers pedals to shift boards, timbers, or cants from one set of conveyor...
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2) Filling Separator Job Description
Sorts yarn according to type, size, weight, color, blend, and quality for storage or distribution to other departments. May doff winding machines. May convey yarn to storage or other departments, using...
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3) Separator machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that segregates particles of dry materials, like sand, powdered minerals, feed, resins, and chemicals, into batches of uniform size by sifting through one or more oscillating screens. Bolts or clamps screen of specified mesh to frame, using handtools. Pou...
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4) Hop Separator Job Description
Tends machine equipment to strain hops used in flavoring beer from hot wort. Turns valves starts pumps to transfer wort from brew kettle, through straining machine and into hot wort storage tank. Starts conveyor which disposes of hops removed from wort. Turns intake outlet valves to...
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5) Candy Separator Enrobing Job Description
Arranges candy centers on conveyor leading to enrobing coating machine according to specified feeding sequence. Selects assorted centers from boxes or trays places them in rows on conveyor belt to conform to individual box or layer arrangement. Removes malformed or broken c...
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6) Chip Separator Job Description
Tends rotary and shaker screens that tumble primed rim-fire cartridge cases to shake out loose particles of priming mixture, sawdust, dirt, and chips and to screen out oversize malformed cases. Records volume of p...
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7) Fabric separator Operator Job Description
Tends machines that screen foreign material from ground, devulcanized scrap rubber. Opens chute on feed conveyors or shovels scrap rubber into hopper of strainer. Starts machine that forces scrap rubber through strainer screen. Regulates speed of machine conveyors to prevent...
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8) Centrifuge separator Operator Job Description
Tends centrifuge to separate grease from liquid glue. Admits glue liquor from bone-cooking tank into centrifuge machine starts machine. Drains grease glue into separate storage tanks. Disassembles cleans equi...
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9) Feather Separator Job Description
Tends equipment that separates down from feathers separates feathers according to quality. Dumps sacks of feathers of mixed grade into separator by hand. Turns wheels to adjust height of separator walls. Starts blower system to circulate feathers up over separator walls, heavier or...
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10) Scrap Separator Job Description
Separates macaroni scraps recovered from presses and packaging areas, according to type condition, for disposal, remilling, or for sale as hog or poultry feed. Collects scraps dropped from processing and packaging equipment sorts scrap into barrels for reprocessing, according...
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