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Branch Operation Evaluation Manager
(Job Description #101231)

examines, analyzes, and evaluates operations of individual branches of chain of restaurants, motels, or other facilities to make sure adherence to company standards policies. travels from branch to branch and...

Manager Vehicle Leasing And Rental
(Job Description #101252)

manages automobile truck leasing business. directs evaluates leasing, sales, advertising and administrative procedures, including collections, inventory financing and used car sales. directs monitors audit of finan...

Advertising Sales Representative
(Job Description #200373)

sells classified display advertising space for publication. prepares list of prospects from leads in other papers from old accounts. obtains pertinent information concerning prospects past current advertising for use i...

Sales Attendant
(Job Description #200553)

performs any combination of following duties to provide customer service in self-service store. aids customers in locating merchandise. answers questions from provides information to customer about merchandise for sale. obtains merchan...

Manager Branch
(Job Description #101062)

directs production, distribution, and marketing operations for branch plant, or assigned territory of industrial organization. coordinates production, distribution, warehousing and sales in accordance with policies, principles plu...

Manager Employee Welfare
(Job Description #100927)

directs welfare activities for employees of stores, factories, and other industrial commercial establishments. arranges for physical examinations, first aid and other medical attention. arranges for installation operatio...

Service Department Manager
(Job Description #101248)

manages farm machinery service department warehouse. directs workers engaged in servicing equipment, like mowers, cotton pickers, hay balers and combines. analyzes requests for service records repairs, replacements, or serv...

Loss Prevention Manager
(Job Description #11919908)

being honest and ethical, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being open to change positive or negative and to considerabl...

Manager Game Breeding Farm
(Job Description #101040)

directs coordinates activities concerned with operation of private or state game breeding farm. consults with professional personnel and reviews technical publications & other literature to obtain data on breeding, rearing,...

Manager Production
(Job Description #101094)

coordinates work of various departments to produce radio or television programs commercial announcements. trains, assigns duties and supervises employees engaged in production taping such programs as game shows, talk broadcasts plu...

Automotive leasing Sales Representative
(Job Description #200433)

sells automotive-leasing services to businesses individuals. visits prospective customers to stimulate interest in establishing or expanding automotive-leasing programs. explains advantages of leasing automotive...

Commissary Manager
(Job Description #101169)

directs coordinates activities of commissary store to sell to or provide company employees or other eligible customers with foodstuffs, clothing, or other merchandise. determines quantities of foodstuffs or other merchandise require...

Pets And Pet Supplies Salesperson
(Job Description #200470)

sells pets pet accessories, equipment, food, and remedies. advises customer on care, training, feeding, living habits and characteristics of pets, like dogs, cats, birds, fish and hamsters. explains use of equi...

Postal Service Sectional Center Manager
(Job Description #101322)

directs coordinates operational, management, and supportive services of associate post offices within district area known as sectional center. plans and implements facility programs in accordance with regi...

Radio And Television Time Sales Representative
(Job Description #200383)

contacts prospective customers to sell radio television time or captioning services for broadcasting station, network, or cable television franchise. calls on prospects presents outlines of various progra...

Title Search Manager
(Job Description #101199)

directs and coordinates activities of persons involved in searching, examining, and recording documents to define status of property titles participates in closing procedures. interviews, screens, hires, trains, promo...

Television Cable Service Sales Representative
(Job Description #200384)

contacts homeowners, apartment managers, and other prospects to sell cable television service. compiles list of prospective customers from lists of homes that do not have cable television and lists o...

Manager Poultry Hatchery
(Job Description #101043)

manages poultry hatchery. plans, develops and implements policies and practices for operation of hatchery for making sure attainment of goals profitable operation. arranges with farmers to supply eggs or obtains eggs from co...

Telephone sales Agent
(Job Description #200251)

makes confirms reservations for passengers on scheduled airline flights. arranges reservations routing for passengers at request of ticket agent any industry 238. 367-026 or customer, using timetables, airline manuals, referenc...

Sales Representative Water treatment Chemicals
(Job Description #200413)

contacts prospective customers to sell chemicals that treat water in boilers, cooling towers, and air wash systems. schedules appointment to explain products services available, inspects customer wat...

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