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Tissue Technologist
(Job Description #100511)

prepares histologic slides from tissue sections for microscopic examination diagnosis by pathologist 070. 061-010. prepares sections of human or animal tissue for immediate examination, using rapid tissue processing and frozen...

Relay Dispatcher
(Job Description #200072)

compiles and transmits dispatching information and instructions between central office, pipeline terminals, tank farms, and pumping compressor stations. relays messages to stations to direct flow of oil gas, using pbx swi...

Radio Mechanic
(Job Description #49202101)

being honest and ethical, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges, persistence i...

Tire Repairer And Changer
(Job Description #49309300)

being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attit...

Tool Gear Grinder Set up Operator
(Job Description #402587)

sets up and operates precision gear grinding machine with special indexing equipment to grind master and precision gears, usually on custom basis, analyzing specifications selecting tooling according to knowle...

Receiving And Processing Supervisor
(Job Description #402024)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in unloading, storing, mixing, and melting raw materials, like sand, soda ash, and cullet, to make molten glass for use in making flat glass, glass cont...

(Job Description #404277)

tends machine that smooths or roughens shoe parts by either of following methods. 1 holds and presses part against abrasive cylinder that polishes & sands part or against wire roughing wheel to clean prepare part for cementing. 2 feeds sol...

Teacher Adult Education
(Job Description #100642)

instructs out-of-school youths and adults in academic nonacademic courses in public or private schools or other organizations. prepares outline of instructional program and studies assembles material to be presented. pr...

Tugboat Dispatcher
(Job Description #911167010)

dispatches tugboats to guide ships entering or leaving port and to tow barges log rafts. receives written or oral customer request for services. determines equipment required, like tugs, barges, or derricks according to size,...

Tester Compressed Gases
(Job Description #401070)

tests compressed gases for moisture content, purity, ratio of gases in mixture, and cylinder pressure, using standard testing equipment following specified procedures. drains gas samples from tanks, or rolls cylinders to t...

Telephone Quotation Clerk
(Job Description #200241)

answers telephone calls from customers requesting current stock quotations provides information posted on electronic quote board. relays calls to registered representative 250. 257-018 as requested by customer. may call cu...

Technical Training Coordinator
(Job Description #100937)

coordinates activities of instructors engaged in training employees or customers of industrial or commercial establishment. confers with managers, instructors, or customers representative to define training needs. assign...

(Job Description #406474)

inspects finished or partially finished hats, caps, hat parts, and millinery for defects damage, and repairs less extensive flaws. examines articles for irregularities, like faulty coloring, shaping, sizing and stitching. rejects or...

(Job Description #200905)

guards prisoners in precinct station house or municipal jail, assuming responsibility for all needs of prisoners during detention. locks prisoner in cell after searching for weapons, valuables, or drugs. serves meals to prisoner provides or ob...

Roll Picker
(Job Description #403929)

cleans lint dust from drawing rollers of spinning or roving frames while machines are in operation, using pneumatic roll picker or handbrush. removes roving wound on rollers , using fingers or hook. feels rubber covered rollers for surface...

Tax Attorney
(Job Description #100689)

advises individuals, business concerns, and other organizations concerning income, estate, gift, excise, property, and other federal, state, local, and foreign taxes. prepares opinions on tax liability resulting from prospe...

Three dimensional map Modeler
(Job Description #406269)

makes plaster relief-map models from which molds are prepared to produce duplicate scale models of land forms. mixes plaster, water and retarder in container. punches holes in maps surface, using stippler or scorer so th...

Room Service Waiter waitress
(Job Description #200586)

serves meals to guests in their rooms. carries silverware, linen and food on tray or uses cart. sets up table serves food from cart. removes equipment f...

Refrigeration Mechanic And Installer
(Job Description #49902102)

being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being honest and ethical, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, analyzing information and using logic to address...

Rouge Sifter And Miller
(Job Description #402061)

tends machines that sift mill powdered rouge for use in polishing lenses. loads hopper of sifter with rouge powder starts machine to separate coarse from fine particles. fabricates paste for polishing lenses [rouge mixer ], u...

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