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Rug Renovator
(Job Description #200871)

cleans rugs with chemical solutions in plant or on customers premises, using handbrushes or portable scrubbing machine, determining washing method according to condition of rug. vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. guides scrubbing machine...

Roll machine Operator
(Job Description #400236)

tends machines that automatically divide, round, proof, and shape dough into units of specified size weight, according to work order, preparatory to baking. presses buttons and turns dials or handcranks to start machines &...

Training And Development Manager
(Job Description #11313100)

a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges, a willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being open to cha...

Tree Trimmer Line Clearance
(Job Description #201142)

trims trees to clear right-of-way for communications lines and electric power lines to minimize storm short-circuit hazards. climbs trees to reach branches interfering with wires transmission towers, using climbing e...

Treating Engineer
(Job Description #401747)

controls one or more cylinder retorts to impregnate wood products, like railroad ties, piling, telephone poles, and fenceposts, with preserving or fireproofing chemicals. turns valves to admit treating solution into retort steam...

Rigging Supervisor
(Job Description #921130010)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in erecting and operating machines to hoist and convey machinery & equipment, like structural beams, metal tanks, and wall floor slabs, at site. specifies locati...

Roving Changer
(Job Description #404195)

replaces sliver cans or bobbins to change type of sliver, roving, or yarn to be run on slubber, speeder, spinning, or twisting frames. threads end of sliver, roving, or yarn through rollers guides of machine. may change gears or travele...

Termite Exterminator Helper
(Job Description #201070)

assists exterminator, termite in treating termite-infested buildings. digs around foundations to be chemically treated and digs ditches for forms, using pick shovel. carries lumber, building materials and...

Track Inspector
(Job Description #910367030)

inspects railroad roadbed equipment to detect damage, wear, or defective equipment requiring repair. observes condition of roadbed from railcar. stops car examines switches, fishplates and rails to detect damaged, worn, or...

Radio Officer
(Job Description #101378)

operates and maintains radiotelegraph and radiotelephone equipment accessories aboard ship. turns on power to activate generator and throws switches to cut in transmitters antennas. turns dials to obtain sending frequency volume...

Railroad maintenance Clerk
(Job Description #200075)

compiles and records information pertaining to track and right-of-way repair and maintenance by railroad section crews, like materials used, types locations of repairs made, and hours expended. types or writes r...

Recovery operator Helper
(Job Description #400148)

assists recovery operator smelt. and refin. in operating kiln, ball mill, and conveyor system to recover soluble soda alumina from waste materials. moves controls to adjust feeds to rotary kiln and ball mill t...

Rotary screen printing machine Operator
(Job Description #403470)

operates rotary screen-printing machine to print designs on s. mounts screen-printing rollers in specified sequence on machine. turns knob to set machine speed & adjust pressure of rollers, according to type of...

Reducing salon Attendant
(Job Description #200796)

measures, weighs and records patrons body statistics, refers information to supervisor for evaluation and planning of exercise program, and demonstrates exercises use of equipment. monitors members exercise activi...

Traffic Inspector
(Job Description #101095)

coordinates scheduled service within assigned territory of streetcar, bus, or railway transportation system. periodically observes vehicles along route for making sure that service is provided according to schedule. investigates sche...

Tricot warper Tender
(Job Description #403944)

tends high-speed warpers that automatically wind yarn in parallel sheets onto beams preparatory to dyeing, weaving, or knitting. examines yarn in creel for making sure that yarn corresponds to warp pattern sheet specifications, fo...

Tile Finisher
(Job Description #861664018)

supplies mixes materials for tile setter 861. 381-054, applies grout, and cleans installed tile. moves tiles, tilesetting tools and work devices from storage area to installation site manually or using wheelbarrow. mixes mortar...

Tipping machine Operator Automatic
(Job Description #404089)

tends one or several machines that wrap plastic, fiber, or metal bands at intervals around strands of braid to form tips of shoelaces cut braid into laces. sets measuring device to cut laces of specified length, usin...

Tip banding machine Operator
(Job Description #405552)

tends machine that applies decorative or identifying band of paint to metal tips of pencils. dumps tips into machine hopper pours paint into reservoir of machine. starts machine that feeds tips against paint roller. turns...

Thickener Operator
(Job Description #400002)

tends thickeners that separate waste solids from ore solutions or water, preparatory to recovery of metal or disposal of waste. turns valves to regulate flow of mixture into thickeners. inserts indicator into mixture to measure slud...

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