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Pin Machine Operator Job Descriptions

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41) Piercing machine Operator Job Description
Sets up operates piercing machine to shape metal tubes from billets or enlarge inside diameter of shells according to job order or blueprints. Selects, positions and adjusts piercing rolls, which rotate shape outside of tube, using hoists, wrenches, measuring instruments pl...
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42) Maintenance Machine Repairer Job Description
Repairs and maintains mechanical and hydraulic components of production machines and equipment, like metal fabricating machine tools, material handling system, and automated lubrication system, following blueprints & specifications using handtools, power tool...
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43) Machine Sizer Job Description
Applies sizing solution, like gelatin, glue, lacquer, paint, or shellac to hat or hat parts to stiffen, waterproof, or impart finish to hat. Pours premixed solutions into container or thins solution, following work order specifications. Applies solution to hat or hat parts by any combin...
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44) All around gear machine Operator Job Description
Sets up and operates two or more types of gear-cutting and finishing machines, like gear shapers, hobs, honers and lappers, and generators, to machine spline or gear teeth on metal blanks according to machining instructions & knowledge of gear types gear...
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45) Open tenter Operator Job Description
Tends tenter frame that stretches cloth in width, removes wrinkles, and dries cloth after processes, like dyeing or finishing. Trucks folded cloth to feed-end of machine or mounts roll of cloth at scray, using hoist. Sews cloth end to leader in machine, using sewing machine....
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46) Mechanical shovel Operator Job Description
Operates power shovel that loads coal or rock into mine cars or onto conveyors in underground mines. Drives rubber-tired, crawled-tread, or rail-mounted machine into working place. Makes power connections starts machine. Moves levers to force shovel into pile, lift revolve...
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47) Film Machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that develops sheets, strips, or continuous roll of film preparatory to printing. Pulls film through trapdoor into darkroom. Strips paper backing from film attaches identifying label. Feels edges of film to detect tears repairs film, using stapler. Reads work order...
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48) Tipping machine Operator Automatic Job Description
Tends one or several machines that wrap plastic, fiber, or metal bands at intervals around strands of braid to form tips of shoelaces cut braid into laces. Sets measuring device to cut laces of specified length, using handtools rule guide on machine. Threads end of...
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49) Cloth Boil off machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that removes dirt, natural gums, and waxes from greige cloth preparatory to further processing. Lifts rolls of cloth to platform at feed-end of machine, using hoist. Inserts rod through center of roll pushes roll onto machine brackets. Sews end of cl...
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50) Tip banding machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that applies decorative or identifying band of paint to metal tips of pencils. Dumps tips into machine hopper pours paint into reservoir of machine. Starts machine that feeds tips against paint roller. Turns valve to regulate stream of air that blows tip fro...
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