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Motor Winder Job Descriptions

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31) Hand Suture Winder Job Description
Winds single or multiple lengths of surgical catgut onto fiber suture reel. Pulls out holding flaps on reel, inserts end of strand under one flap and places reel on power-driven wheel. Presses pedal to actuate wheel guides strand under holding flaps as wheel spins to wind precut l...
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32) Yarn Winder Job Description
Tends machine that winds strands of yarn from bobbins, cakes, pirns, and other yarn packages into packages specified for further processing, shipment, or storage. Places supply packages on spindles or holders. Threads ends of yarn from each package through guides & tension device att...
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33) Armature Winder Repair Job Description
Winds new coils on armatures of used generators motors. Cuts insulating material to fit slots on armature core. Places insulating material in bottom of core slots. Cuts wire to length and winds in place, or counts turns of wire in coil being replaced winds on correspondi...
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34) Sequins Winder Job Description
Winds strings of plastic sequins on spools preparatory to shipment. Pulls string of sequins through yardage indicator cuts off specified length. Examines string for broken threads, knots and irregular lay of sequins. Feeds string into winding machine that winds string on s...
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35) Skein Winder Job Description
Inserts loops of prewound skein of wire into slots of stators for fractional-horsepower motors. Loops skein end inserts two sides in adjacent coil slots, manipulating wire with fingers. Forms additional loops in skein inserts in other pairs of slots until entire skein is wound...
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36) Wire Winder Job Description
Tends machine that winds wire around cured rubber hose for reinforcement. Positions spool of specified wire onto letoff rack, using hoist and threads wire through machine. Adjusts machine for specified diameter of hose pitch of wire spirals, using handtools. Pulls hose onto feed conveyor...
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37) Typewriter ribbon Winder Job Description
Tends machine that winds typewriter ribbons onto spools. Sets yardage indicator on machine according to ribbon length specified on work order to control number of revolutions. Places ribbon supply reel on mandrel & draws ribbon around rollers through ribbon guide to prepare r...
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38) Convolute tube Winder Job Description
Sets up operates machine to form convolute tubes used for fiber cans or containers. Installs and adjusts winding mandrel, gluing & labeling attachments and slitting cutting knives, using handtools. Places roll of paper on machine feedrack threads paper through gluing, coating...
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39) Thread Winder Automatic Job Description
Tends semiautomatic machine that winds thread from cones onto spools or tubes used on sewing machines. Places full cones on rack and passes threads through guides, tension device, yardage counter and drop wires. Loads tubes or spools into machine hopper. Observes operations...
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40) Armature winder Helper Repair Job Description
Assists Armature Winder, Repair in repairing electric motors generators. Burns old insulation from coils, using blowtorch and strips old coils from armatures and stators, using handsaw wirecutter. Scrubs mechanical parts of motors, like shafts, gears and additionall...
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