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Mill Job Descriptions

Looking for mill job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Milling Supervisor Job Description
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating machines to grind, crush, mix, and blend materials to make batches of clay for pressing into clay products. Performs duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...
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2) Flake miller Helper Job Description
Tends ovens related equipment that toast cereal products, like flakes, biscuits, and pellets. Lights gas burners moves control levers to attain specified temperature in ovens. Starts conveyors that move cereal through oven. Inspects feels cereal emerging from oven to define w...
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3) Grain Mill Products Inspector Job Description
Weighs packaged cereal, feed, and flour products to verify weights examines packages for adequacy of labeling, stamping, sewing, or sealing. Records weights on report form. Tests scales for accuracy, using standard weights and adjusts scales. Compares s...
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4) Mill Operator Rolls Job Description
Sets up operates rolling mill to form sheet metal sections of various types, gauges, and lengths from coils of sheet steel according to blueprints or other specifications. Verifies gauge and size of raw material against specifications, using tape measure gauge. Positions & s...
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5) Milliner Job Description
Fabricates hats for individual customer or for stores stock. Cuts pattern from material to desired size shape, using original design or adapting or copying existing model. Lays pattern on material cuts material, following pattern. Molds, drapes, and blocks material, using hat forms stea...
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6) Boring mill Set up Operator Horizontal Job Description
Sets up and operates horizontal boring, drilling, and milling machine to perform machining operations, like milling, drilling, boring, and reaming metal workpieces, like machine, tool, or die parts, analyzing specifications deciding on tooling a...
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7) Millroom Supervisor Job Description
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving, weighing, and unloading coal in yard of industrial plant, in unloading coal from barges into coal hoppers, and in blending, pulverizing, and conveying coal to various processing units or storage area...
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8) Dry mill Operator Job Description
Tends series of dry-pans, screens, and conveyors that grind, sift, and convey dry clay to storage tanks. Signals Overhead Crane Operator any industry 921. 663-010 to load clay into hoppers of dry-pans. Turns valves to feed water into pans. Starts equipment that grinds si...
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9) Rotary head milling machine Set up Operator Job Description
Sets up and operates vertical milling machine with spindle mounted within larger rotary head so that rotating cutter can move anywhere within given circle to mill complex shapes, like arcs tangents, without changing position of workpiece or machine t...
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10) Distillery Miller Helper Job Description
Assists Miller, Distillery to clean grind grain into meal for use in distillation of distilled liquors. Adjusts grain meal discharge chutes on storage tanks. Removes covers from storage tanks to admit grain meal. Changes vibrating screens on cleaning machines, using handto...
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