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Maintainer Mobile Home Job Descriptions

Looking for maintainer mobile home job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Home energy Consultant Supervisor Job Description
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in performing domestic-energy-consumption audits for customers of public br Confers with customers utility representatives to define customer needs, appointment times, availability of representatives and scheduli...
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2) Travel Counselor Automobile Club Job Description
Plans trips for members of automobile club. Confers with member in person or by telephone to answer questions explain services. Marks suitable roads & possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to destination return. Indicates points of interest,...
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3) Psychometrist Job Description
Administers, scores, and interprets intelligence, aptitude, achievement, and other psychological tests to provide test information to teachers, counselors, students, or other specified entitled party. Gives paper and pencil tests or utilizes testing equipment, like picture te...
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4) Funeral home Attendant Job Description
Prepares embalmed bodies for interment. Manicures nails, using files and nail polish and performs other grooming tasks, like arching & plucking eyebrows and removing facial hair, using depilatory cream tweezers. Shampoos, waves, presses, curls, brushes and additionally...
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5) Supervisor Automobile Body Repair Job Description
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing and painting damaged bodies body parts of automotive vehicles. May examine damaged vehicle estimate cost of repairs [Shop Estimator ]. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor...
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6) Home Therapy Teacher Job Description
Instructs parent of mentally- and physically-handicapped children in therapy techniques behavior modification. Observes and plays with child & confers with childs parents and other professionals periodically to obtain information relating to childs mental physical...
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7) Signal Maintainer Job Description
Inspects, tests, and repairs electric gate crossings, signals, and signal equipment within division of railroad system. Drives truck along track route and stops truck to inspect & test gate crossings, signals and signal equipment, like interlocks hotbox detectors. Inspec...
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8) Molder Automobile Carpets Job Description
Tends machines that mold nonwoven carpet used in automobiles. Places carpet blank precut section of nonwoven carpet into oven that heats carpet to prepare carpet for molding. Sprays insides of stationary mold with silicone fluid, using pump sprayer, to prevent sticking. Pl...
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9) Director Of Home Economics Job Description
Plans, coordinates, and directs consumer education service or research program for equipment, food, or utility company to promote goodwill sale of products or services. Studies and interprets data concerning consumer habits preferences obtained from surveys, letters...
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10) Automobile upholstery trim Installer Job Description
Fits and installs automobile seat covers convertible-top. Examines standard pattern or removes automobile seat or top measures it to define amount of cover material required. Cuts material, using shears and places it on pattern or pins it to se...
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