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Lacer Job Descriptions

Looking for lacer job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Lacer Job Description
Threads laces through eyelets adjustment buckles of surgical supports to provide adjustments for fitting support to wearer. Selects laces according to type of support. Threads laces through eyelets of support buckles eyelets in specified sequence. Adjusts laces places straps in buckles. May tac...
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2) Dry placer machine Operator Job Description
Operates trailer-mounted machine to recover gold from sand. Positions conveyor from front-end loader to machine. Connects terminals from portable generator to control panel, using wrench. Starts machine adjusts speed of feed conveyor to avoid overloading. Observes flow of...
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3) Liner Replacer Job Description
Replaces metal liners in ore processing equipment, like mills, crushers, chutes, and hoppers, using handtools. Loosens worn liners, using wrenches. Signals Overhead Crane Operator any industry 921. 663-010 to remove old liner position replacement. Adjusts new liner, using sledge...
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4) Cable Placer Job Description
Pulls lead-sheathed electrical cables for electric power systems through ducts. Pushes long, flexible, steel ribbon fish tape or rods through duct. Attaches wire to rod or fish tape pulls wire through duct. Attaches wire to cable pulls cable through duct by hand or using winch. May pul...
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5) Light bulb Replacer Job Description
Replaces electric light fixture parts, like bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and starters. Repairs fixture parts, like switches sockets, using handtools. Cleans fixtures & lamps, using soap, water rags. Requisitions keeps supply of bulbs, tubes, and replacem...
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6) Hand Upper and bottom Lacer Job Description
Assembles parts of novelty shoes by lacing parts together with braided cloth or leather strips. Fashions upper portion of shoe by lacing quarters to vamp. Aligns perforated upper sole, inserts tipped lacer and draws parts together by lacing backward around sho...
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7) Interlacer Job Description
Weaves decorative designs in shoe uppers. Draws strips of material, like fabric or leather, between slits in shoe upper to weave decorati...
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8) Coil Placer Job Description
Assembles fastens coil springs in wire frames to form box spring units for beds or chairs. Lays bed of crossed wiring in jig clinches or wires coil springs to wiring. Fastens tops of coils together with tie wires or metal clips. Clips edge wire to tops of outside coil springs, using clipp...
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9) Placer Job Description
Advises clients of broker independent agent in selecting casualty, life, or property br Discusses advantages disadvantages of various policies to help client make choice. Selects company that offers type of coverage requested by client to underwrite policy. Contacts underwriter submits form...
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10) Miner Placer Job Description
Mines precious metals from sand gravel by placer method. Constructs inclined trough sluice box with riffles or cleats at bottom. Shovels ore-bearing sand or gravel into stream of water running through sluice box observes operation to make sure that loose metals are being caught behind...
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