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Helper Charger Primary Metal Processing Job Descriptions

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41) Gas fitter Helper Job Description
Assists Gas-Appliance Servicer in installing, testing, adjusting, and repairing regulators, ranges, and heaters, in customers establishments. Transports tools, parts, equipment and appliances from truck to customers establishment, using handtruck. Measures, cuts, threa...
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42) Transportation museum Helper Job Description
Assists in restoration or maintenance of transportation equipment, like automobiles, ships, aircraft, streetcars, or locomotives, displayed by or similar institutions through performance of any combination of following tasks. Repairs or replaces interior components of eq...
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43) Metal Finisher Job Description
Grinds, files, or sands surfaces of metal items, like automobile bodies household appliances, using handtools, power tools, and knowledge of metal finishing techniques. Examines feels surface of metal to detect defects, like dents, scratches, or breaks in metal. Removes dents, usi...
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44) Blast furnace keeper Helper Job Description
Assists Blast-Furnace Keeper steel rel. in tapping blast furnace. Breaks slag from casting equipment, like slag runners, iron troughs, gates and dams, using bars, hammers and shovels. Relines runners, troughs, gates and dams with refractory materials, lik...
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45) Cheesemaker Helper Job Description
Operates dairy processing equipment performs following tasks to assist Cheesemaker in making cheese. Separates pasteurizes milk, using dairy processing equipment. Starts pump, turns valves and observes gauges to fill cheese vats with specified amount of milk maintai...
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46) Metallurgical Tester Job Description
Examines and tests metal samples to define their physical properties, under direction of Metallographer profess. kin. br Conducts routine microscopic examinations of metals alloys to determine their crystal structure, porosity, homogeneity and other characteristics. P...
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47) Metal Furniture Assembly Supervisor Job Description
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembling packing metal br Assigns tasks to workers based on workflow. Monitors work in progress to make sure conformance to set standards work order specifications. Assists workers in performance...
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48) Metal Bumper Job Description
Repairs damaged bodies and body parts of automotive vehicles, like automobiles, buses, and light trucks according to repair manuals, using handtools power tools. Examines damaged vehicles estimates cost of repairs [Shop Estimator 807. 267-010]. Removes upholstery, accesso...
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49) Art metal Designer Job Description
Designs ornamental metal items, like grills, lattice work, statuary, railings, displays, plaques, and light fixtures, and tooling for fabrication, utilizing knowledge of properties of metal, fabrication techniques, principles of design, and artistic talent. Analyzes...
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50) Installer Metal Flooring Job Description
Installs prefabricated metal flooring in railroad cars preparatory to welding, using handtools portable power tools. Measures transverse centerline of car to define location of flooring, using location fixtures. Positions flooring sections in specified relationship to side si...
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