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Helper Charger Primary Metal Processing Job Descriptions

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21) Marble Mechanic Helper Job Description
Supplies mixes materials for Marble Setter 861. 381-030, applies grout, and cleans installed marble. Moves marble installation materials, tools, machines and work devices to work areas. Mixes mortar, plaster and grout, as required, following standard form...
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22) Instrument technician Helper Job Description
Assists Instrument Technician in repair and maintenance of metering instruments for electric-power generating equipment, like boilers turbines. Removes, dismantles and assembles instruments, using mechanics electricians handtools. Performs other duties as descr...
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23) Cut off saw Operator Metal Job Description
Sets up operates metal-sawing machines, like hacksaw, bandsaw, circular saw, friction saw, and rubber-disk saw to cut metal stock to dimensions. Reads job order for specifications, like material, type and size of stock and dimensions to be cut. Obtains transfers stoc...
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24) Distillery Miller Helper Job Description
Assists Miller, Distillery to clean grind grain into meal for use in distillation of distilled liquors. Adjusts grain meal discharge chutes on storage tanks. Removes covers from storage tanks to admit grain meal. Changes vibrating screens on cleaning machines, using handto...
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25) Cook Helper Pastry Job Description
Assists pastry shop workers, performing any combination of following duties. Carries and distributes supplies equipment. Mixes, kneads and shapes dough or batter to make pies, cakes, cookies and other pastries. Washes and cuts up fruits for dessert...
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26) Metalizer Machined Parts Job Description
Sets up and operates flame-spray equipment machine tools to build up worn parts, like crankshafts, motor shafts, clutch plates, and piston rods, and to salvage defective machined parts, according to specifications. Washes object with solvents, or heats object...
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27) Extractive Metallurgist Job Description
Originates, controls, and develops flotation, smelting, electrolytic, and other processes used in winning metals from their ores, for producing iron steel, or for refining gold, silver, zinc, copper, and other metals. Studies ore reduction problems to define mos...
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28) Compounder Helper Job Description
Assists Compounder in blending oils. Gauges supply of oil in tanks. Segregates dumps barrels of oil into respective tanks. Takes samples of blended oil to laboratory for analysis. Loads unloads tank cars [Loader any industry I]. Performs other duties as described under Helper...
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29) Methods Analyst Data Processing Job Description
Analyzes data processing requirements to plan data processing system that will provide system capabilities required for projected work loads, and plans layout installation of new system or modification of existing system. Confers with data processing and project...
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30) Slat basket Maker Helper Machine Job Description
Assists Slat-Basket Maker, Machine in assembly of slat baskets. Positions preformed inside top hoop & basket bottom on basket-shaped form of machine and holds bottom until hoop bottom are stapled to staves. Removes assembled basket from machine twists loose...
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